February 24, 2024


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Rumor: Microsoft will offer critically acclaimed exclusive products for a “rival system” this year

Rumor: Microsoft will offer critically acclaimed exclusive products for a “rival system” this year

Image: Tango Gameworks, Xbox

It's a new year and there have certainly been enough new rumors popping up already about other games that could be made available to Nintendo fans in the future.

The latest viral story states that Microsoft's game “to high critical acclaim” and well received by fans will be released on a “competing system” in 2024. This claim comes from the host of “Nate Hate Podcast“, which goes on to mention how the same title was in the “Conversation Game of the Year” in the year of its release.

“In the calendar year 2024, Microsoft will bring one of its most popular first-party releases to a competing system… When the announcement comes, I think it will be met with a lot of excitement, because this is a high-quality game.”

It uses Obsidian's narrative adventure sadness As an example of how Xbox is doing everything it can within its ecosystem, the next step is to bring a title like this to other platforms that can help build an audience for a potential sequel exclusive to Microsoft platforms.

While this rumored game may not necessarily be Pentment, Suggest the conversation elsewhere online It could be Tango Gameworks' rhythm-based action title Hi Fi Rush, which dropped on Xbox early last year and was nominated for multiple awards for Game of the Year. A ResetEra user, known for sharing previous Xbox-related leaks, also supposedly supports the idea of ​​it being this particular game.

Over the past year, Xbox has reiterated its commitment to Nintendo – with an agreement to bring Call of Duty games to Nintendo platforms going forward. Microsoft has also worked with Nintendo to bring games like GoldenEye 007 to the Switch.

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