May 21, 2024


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Rumor: The real Mario title probably won't shock anyone

Rumor: The real Mario title probably won’t shock anyone

Photo: Nintendo

It’s been a while since we last heard about the Mario movie from Illumination. After breaking into the Internet with it, we say, interesting cast bulletsIn April, we heard that the plumber’s return to the big screen was Postponed to 2023. Celebration cause for some, this delay in the release date could be the perfect opportunity to provide more information about the upcoming animation feature; But whenever we go looking for news, it seems like all the updates have been moved to another castle.

That’s so far (well, roughly). As noted yesterday Tweet embed On Twitter, the movie now has an initial listing on Paris lighting studios The website, which means we may finally have an idea of ​​what this “Mario movie” will be called. After months of searching for the right answer – Is it a Mario movie? Super Mario? Plumber crouching hidden wagon? – Illumination Studios seems to have settled on a name, and what board meeting would it have to have to come up with that name.

According to the site, we wouldn’t foolishly call the upcoming movie “The Mario Movie,” oh no. The lighting seems to push the boat so much further that it looks like they shot the movie – wait – Super Mario Bros.

Now we are just as surprised as you are that the team behind titles like despicable me And the, ermAnd the I despicable 2the original naming decision will be made with their latest Nintendo IP, but hey, at least everyone will know based on the movie.

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Of course, this title was not officially confirmed by the Illumination statement, nor by Big N itself, so the chances of seeing Chris Pratt star in Plumb and Plumber weren’t out of the question. just yet.

At the end of the day, selling a big name like Mario has always required a fairly quick marketing campaign, and if that’s the reason for one of the most predictable titles we’ve seen in a while. be it. The original title was nothing more than a distant dream.

What title would you choose instead of Super Mario Bros.? Get trivia in the comments below!