July 14, 2024


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Russia acquires ballistic missiles to bypass Ukrainian air defense: ISW

Russia acquires ballistic missiles to bypass Ukrainian air defense: ISW

A truck-mounted multiple rocket launcher fires a missile near Svyatohirsk, eastern Ukraine, on May 14, 2022.
Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP via Getty Images)

  • The United States said this week that Russia had begun using missiles it acquired from North Korea to attack Ukraine.
  • ISW experts noted that their focus is on increasing the amount of ballistic missiles they can obtain.
  • ISW noted that shooting down these missiles is more difficult for Ukraine than shooting down cruise missiles.

Russia is likely to look for missiles from North Korea and Iran because they are the type that Ukraine has difficulty intercepting, according to military experts.

Analysts at the Institute for the Study of War noted in a report to update Russia's efforts to acquire missiles from its allies are focusing on ballistic missiles, she said Thursday.

This type, unlike cruise missiles, “appears to be more effective at penetrating or evading Ukrainian air defenses,” ISW said.

Ballistic missiles fly on a fixed trajectory and tend to be faster than cruise missiles, which are more maneuverable but slower.

ISW compared the rate of interceptions by Ukrainian air defenses of Russian cruise missiles versus ballistic missiles since December 29, based on numbers it shared. Ukrainian Officials And Reports.

While Ukraine said it intercepted 149 of the 166 cruise missiles launched by Russia – about 90% – it said Ukraine only stopped a “handful” of ballistic missiles.

He highlighted that Russia has had success in converting its anti-aircraft missiles into offensive weapons: Ukraine is struggling to prevent missile launches from reused S-300 and S-400 systems, ISW said.

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ISW said Ukraine is not able to stop ballistic missiles, pointing to some successes.

On December 30, it shot down an Iskander-M missile during a less intense series of Russian missile and drone attacks, said Valery Zalozhny, the Supreme Commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He said on time.

Ukrainian forces also intercepted all Iskander-M and S-300/S-400 missiles fired by Russian forces at Kiev on December 12, the Kiev city military administration said. mentioned on time.

The Ukrainian military used Western-supplied Patriot systems to intercept all 10 Kinzhal missiles fired by Russian forces in Ukraine on January 2, the Ukrainian Armed Forces Air Force said. mentioned.

The Institute for the Study of War concluded that Russia's success with ballistic missiles depends on the severity of the attack of which it is part.

The report came after National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said He said Russia announced on Thursday that Russia had acquired “dozens” of ballistic missiles from North Korea and used them in Ukraine.

Quoting American officials The Wall Street Journal reported Russia announced on Thursday that Russia is also in talks with Iran to purchase short-range ballistic missiles with the aim of better targeting infrastructure in Ukraine.