May 20, 2022


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Russia-Ukraine War: What We Know on the 13th Day of the Russian Invasion | Ukraine

  • Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, once again accused Russia of attacking fleeing civilians. Earlier on Monday his government refused an offer From Moscow to create “humanitarian corridors” for the escape of civilians after it emerged that most supposedly safe routes lead directly to Russia or Belarus. He accused Moscow of “medieval” tactics.

  • Zelensky rallied The nation’s new late-night video speech“Don’t back down. We don’t back off,” he said, adding that the “heroic” resistance was making the war a “nightmare” for Russia. He took viewers on a tour of his headquarters in Kyiv, promising to stay in the capital until victory in the war.

  • A senior Russian general was killed in the fighting in KharkivAccording to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. It said its forces killed Major General Vitaly Gerasimov, who is believed to have been the first deputy commander of the Russian 41st Army.

  • humanitarian crisis in Ukraine deepen As Russian forces intensify their attacks, so do food, water, heat, and medicine. The European Union said it believed about 1.7 million Ukrainians had fled the fighting and the total could be as high as five million.

  • Linda Thomas Greenfield, US Ambassador to the United NationsVladimir Putin accused of having a plan “To brutalize Ukraine”The United Nations is trying to negotiate evacuation corridors. The Russian ambassador respondedclaiming that the Ukrainians are bombing themselves.

  • The British Home Secretary is under severe criticism in his country “Chaos Politics” To Ukrainians seeking asylum in the UK. Just 300 kan Asylum has been granted so far.

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  • Zelensky will address UK MPs on Tuesday via video link and he Expected to defend more weapons And a no-fly zone over Ukraine imposed by NATO.

  • China’s foreign minister described the country’s relationship with Russia as ‘iron-covered’ As Beijing continues to refuse to condemn the invasion of Ukraine despite mounting pressure from the United States and the European Union to use its influence to rein in Moscow.