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SailGP.  The French crack under pressure from the British

SailGP. The French crack under pressure from the British

The pressure was heavy on the shoulders of Quentin Delapier, Kevin Bebonnet and the French crew this Saturday in San Francisco for the final action of the SilGP. Did not win on the first day. Instead, the English, led by Ben Ainslie, excelled on this day marked by Charles’ coronation. Tomorrow Sunday there are two more matches. France’s chances of reaching the Grand Final have been greatly reduced.

First race
“We cannot do what we want. We have to raise the level of our game,” said Quentin at the end of this first race. The English came to get the French from the start, who pulled out towards the end. Aussie While leading the race, Ben Ainslie finished 2nd.e. French 6e Despite a successful second round but interrupted by the Canadians. A bad start.

The second race
Average start and poor maneuverability. British victory. Aussies in the last 2nd placee. French 8e. We did not stop flying as usual.

Round three
In the pre-departure phase the French wanted to play the British but were unsuccessful. The English played their start perfectly again. They end in 2e Behind the Australians. Coronation Day for the British. Quentin Delapierre and the team missed out on this first day. Their chances of making it to the Grand Final are slipping away. “We were not in our position today. We missed many steps. »
Under pressure, the French were not at their level. They are 7 points behind the British. disappointment

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