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Sam Levinson & Lily-Rose Depp On Finale Twist – Deadline

Sam Levinson & Lily-Rose Depp On Finale Twist – Deadline

Brake alert! This post contains details from the HBO finale idol.

Controversial HBO series idol Sunday’s End has definitely thrown a wrench into the story the show seemed to tell across its first four episodes.

Episode 5, titled “Jocelyn Forever,” reveals that Lily-Rose Depp’s pop star persona had the upper hand the whole time, even as she led everyone to believe she was being manipulated by Tedros (Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye). ).

“I think a lot of the audience probably watch the first few episodes and think this guy is taking advantage of it,” Depp said in a clip about how the finale was made. “Eventually he realizes that she knows exactly what he’s doing and that she knows exactly what she’s doing.”

The episode begins with a little tension, as Jocelyn becomes hostile to Tedros. She banishes him from her inner circle, and he unravels at the notion that he is no longer in control. Meanwhile, Jocelyn’s team wants answers. When her tour promoter stopped by her house to discuss the tour, she totally pitched the performance, insisting that many of the artists Tedros had scouted would open for her, claiming she had been patronizing them the whole time.

It seems Jocelyn’s manager Haim is paying Tedros to disappear on her instructions, so it’s sure to raise eyebrows when he reappears six weeks later at Jocelyn’s concert at SoFi Stadium. More confusing? There is an artist pass waiting on call. After the two reconnect backstage, she welcomes him on stage as the “love of her life”, much to the dismay of her management team. As it turns out, she had a plan all along.

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“Jocelyn is a very calculated and strategic person. She knows exactly what she wants and will stop at nothing to get it,” Depp explained. “Tedros was her inspiration and she got what she needed from him.”

Creator Sam Levinson offered further insights, saying, “All season long, Jocelyn has been looking for inspiration. She’s looking to go somewhere uncomfortable, and she’s looking to finally find that next song, that next album. Tedros becomes a conduit for that creative opening.”

Levinson said that Jocelyn “needs to gobble up those around her to feel like she has something to say,” adding that Tedros has “become the victim.”

The finale is one of the few that takes the audience outside of Jocelyn’s home. The end of the episode was filmed at SoFi Stadium, during The Weeknd’s special After hours a trip. Levinson explained that they were able to film Depp’s speech on stage during the first act of the concert, but they didn’t have much time to get what they needed to do.

“We’re basically shooting this with a live audience of 70,000 people. We have two ways of doing it,” he said. “We had a Friday night and Saturday night of the concert. We either get it or we don’t.”

In order to prevent nerves from getting to her, Deb simply asked herself what Jocelyn would do.

“I was nervous about going out there for sure, but I just tried on my Jocelyn hat,” she said. “It was one of the craziest experiences I think I’m going to go through in my life. Everything she’s been through this season, she’s found something that feels right to her.”

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