March 3, 2024


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Samsung could launch a smaller Galaxy S Ultra phone to rival the iPhone Pro model

Samsung could launch a smaller Galaxy S Ultra phone to rival the iPhone Pro model

Now that Samsung is very close to announcing its next-generation flagship smartphone lineup, rumors have moved on to phones that could be released a few years later. There are some wild rumours, and some of them are very interesting to read. One of those rumors talks about a possible small Galaxy S Ultra phone to compete with the iPhone Pro.

A small Samsung phone that competes with the iPhone Pro models

according to Popular from South Korea (Via @Tech_Reve), Samsung is considering a phone that is smaller than the Galaxy S Ultra but with a similar feature set. The combination of high-end specs and a smaller form factor could help Samsung compete with Apple’s iPhone Pro models, such as iPhone 15 ProIt features a 6.1-inch screen. This model could be added to the Galaxy FE lineup, and this is where things get confusing. If it’s an FE-branded phone, there are fewer chances that it will feature high-end specs, especially when it comes to the camera, which the Galaxy S Ultra phones are known for. As with any rumour, the report claims that no decision has been made yet, and things could change in the future.

Rumors also claim that Samsung will change the design language of all its smartphones after the launch of the Galaxy S25 series. This means that starting with the Galaxy S26, we could see a completely different design on Samsung phones. The South Korean company could also shrink the Galaxy A series, which could mean fewer Galaxy A phones being launched.

The cheaper Galaxy Z Fold may not have a cover display at all

Samsung is also reportedly working on a cheaper Galaxy Z Fold. Currently, there are rumors of two prototypes that the company is working on. One of these models does not have an external display, while the other has a very small display. It is expected that such a foldable phone will be launched after the Galaxy Z Fold 6. Once such a model is launched, Samsung may not launch the Galaxy Z Flip series phones. This seems incredible, considering how well the Galaxy Z Flip phones have sold around the world.

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