April 20, 2024


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Sarah and Brian’s English Christmas at Corneilla-de-Conflent

The two Englishmen who settled in the Confederacy never forgot their Christmas traditions.

Sarah and Brian arrived in France in 2002. Nature lovers and followers of rural life, they put their suitcases in the cornice. They say their Christmas in the English tradition.

“In the weeks before Christmas, we decorate the tree, They explain. It is customary to write to family and friends with Christmas cards. (Christmas cards). At the end of the afternoon on December 24, the children meet in the neighborhood and sing Christmas songs from house to house. (Christmas songs). Then, on the evening of the 24th, contrary to French tradition, there was no New Year’s celebration. That evening, the children hang large red socks at the end of their bed or on the fireplace to receive their Christmas presents. (Santa Claus). To his attention, too close to the tree or the fireplace, the children left thin maggies (Christmas cupcakes) And a glass of cherry wine. Deer are not forgotten, some carrots are waiting for them.

From the next morning, very quickly the magic continues: “It’s customary to find a sock rush and a fruit, nuts and small gifts. Large gifts are placed at the base of the tree.”

The Christmas party is taking place in the UK at lunch on the 25th. The main course is a turkey with potatoes, parsley and Brussels sprouts. Sauces are available for this event: These Bread sauce and cranberry sauce.

“The meal ends with the famous Christmas pudding, a dome – shaped dessert made of dried fruit. Sprinkled with cognac, we serve it to guests.”

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At the table, it is traditional to find small decorated tubes Firecrackers : “Inside, you’ll find jokes that usually make the audience laugh. You can find puzzle games, a small toy or a paper hat. At the end of the meal or during the meal, the entire assembly gathers in front of the television set because traditionally the Queen of England addresses the citizens of the United Kingdom. Christmas would not be the same without the Annual Speech of the Sovereign on December 25th!