June 18, 2024


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Secrets of Destiny 2’s Pale Heart map and its final destination

Secrets of Destiny 2’s Pale Heart map and its final destination

Yesterday we got a lot of information about The Final Shape, Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion, from a CG render and some hands-on gameplay from journalists and creators. Something else we got from that? A first look at the expansion’s main destination map, The Pale Heart.

You can see parts of it at the top and bottom, and you can click on them here If you want to check out the larger versions. But let’s review what we can see.

  • There’s already an idea that this will be a small map because we can only see one spawn point, instead of two on Neptune in Beyond Light and a whole bunch in large areas like the EDZ and Nessus. However, I think it’s important to keep in mind that this may not have to do with size, but rather structure, given the winding, tunnel-like areas we see that don’t appear to be particularly conducive to fast travel. It also makes sense that this is an area that Bungie wants us to explore more than most, so I don’t think we can quite gauge how big it is yet.
  • We see a number of locations that are vaguely named, and I imagine they have different roles as we progress through the campaign. From what we see: transgression, solitude, blossoming, and brokenness

  • There are three missing sectors that appear in these two parts of the map, two of which are on the left side in every shot of the map and you might miss them. There may be more out of the frame, but three seem like a perfect fit.
  • I’m not entirely sure about the little ghost icons around the map. I’d be at least a little surprised if they were collectibles, since they’re usually hidden, and not clearly marked. The symbol also corresponds to a very large symbol at the top of the map, indicating some type of task or activity.
  • We also still have “golden chests” on the map, a concept that hasn’t been relevant for some time, but is still present in all destinations, I think, for a reason. Maybe free destination weapons, hopefully.
  • In the map window, Episode: Echoes: Act 1 is already active, which suggests that some of the icons on the map may be from this content, though I don’t see the same little crying Vex eye icon there. The first episode is supposed to be released a week after the final format itself.
  • There’s what I can only describe as an airport on the map for some reason, a group of overlapping planes to the northeast. Yes, the first thing that comes to mind are the dead planes in the Cosmodrome, but they’re scattered around, and for whatever reason, they all look completely intact. One is kind of on his side? Anyway, it’s definitely the strangest formation I can see on the map right now.
  • The thriving area looks a lot like the central area and I’m pretty sure it has the Silverwing Tree in the middle, as well as the “Here Where the Traveler Landed” Io section that was located in the sky box of the map until we got to the tree itself.
  • Based on how the map is designed, I think we have the “beautiful” part of the map, the beautiful Traveler parts, on the left side, and as you go to the right, you get to the corrupt and dirty Witness parts like The Transgression along the way, and it’s not clear that this is the final area Which is going in this direction.

So, that’s what I can extract here. Anything else you discover?

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