June 18, 2024


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Selection of free applications to learn English

English is one of the most important languages ​​in the world and many people want to learn it or improve their vocabulary and language. There are many ways to learn, one of the most popular methods nowadaysApplication of mobile applicationsIn fact, you can easily learn English thanks to the apps downloaded from your phone, and you can learn English for free with these apps.

What are the best mobile processors to learn English?

Many mobile applications a Learning English for freeIn fact, you can enrich your vocabulary by learning the language thanks to the many applications that have thousands of users around the world.


ThisOne of the most popular applications To learn English, it introduces a teaching method that is very simple and encourages the user to retain as much information as possible, thanks to repeated quizzes Memorize new words, It is a great way to learn English grammar and, in fact, offers many units dedicated to application grammar, which allows the user to identify the language in all its aspects. You can make a language choice through the Duolinog application, this test is now recognized by many companies, and it allows the application to guide you directly to a position assigned to you. It should be noted that it is possible to follow The whole learning program is free, Without paying extra levels.


As the name implies, this is an application that allows the userEnrich your vocabulary And hold it back. The application works on the basis of a map showing the galaxy, the user has to travel through many planets to make a journey that leads to the discovery of the English language. This is an excellent educational application that allows you to enrich your linguistic background while having fun, A Free version Provided by the application.

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This is a more based applicationThe educational aspect of learning Of the English language. The application offers several great titles:

  • Grammar lessons.
  • Vocabulary units.
  • A language test.

Course sheets Can be downloaded directly from the mobile app, the main advantage of the app is that it is free, which allows many users to learn the language.


This is a recent application New learning method Revolutionary language, in fact, these are courses extracted from pictures or videos in English and translated into the mother tongue, which allows the user to understand the language better and speak it more easily. There are excerpts from cartoons for children and well-known films. The app offers a wide variety of videos, in other words, everyone has something.

How to learn English using free mobile apps?

Thanks to this you can learn English Free mobile appsIn fact, you need to download the right applications and follow some of the suggestions we quote below:

Review daily

This is important Edit learned comments All information can be retained while using the application.


Use of A Language learning application His phone can sometimes be crowned by using another app in parallel. It is important to focus on application and set a daily goal. You should know that it is recommended to exercise for 10 to 15 minutes daily for optimal learning.

Nowadays, there are many methodsTo learn English, Mobile applications are one of the best ways to remember at your own pace, at any time of the day. Many applications offer free learning for all, it is important to follow the recommendations related to the application and to be disciplined to get good results. In addition, it is recommended Edit your notes frequently And do not browse other applications while learning.

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