February 23, 2024


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Seventy-six students received an English diploma

Seventy-six students received an English diploma

Seventy-six students from the Notre-Dame-Saint-Joseph private school group received their English certificate diplomas Sunday at Notre Dame Cathedral.

Philip Comis, one of the heads of the Institute of Languages ​​and Skills Training (an accredited Cambridge English test centre), which organized the event, underlined the importance of “mastering English to give children an opening to the international world.”

The ceremony marks the end of four hours of instruction per week in elementary school. At the beginning of the school year, the college will also suffer.

The organization was set up two years ago by Mikaël Predal, head of kindergarten coordinator of BTS, and Francisco Leite, head of Ogec, with the recruitment of teacher Michael Wells. (Governing Body of Catholic School) With support from the Eric and Iveta Larchevêque Endowment Fund.

On that day, the school group received an international seal and a plaque pasted in front of the buildings. Students wore Monterbord, a special cap for the graduation ceremony.

contact. Languages ​​and Competences in Dijon: [email protected]. Notre-Dame School Committee:

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