July 23, 2024


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Several months later the English returned to Tordogne

Several months later the English returned to Tordogne

In most British departments in France (8,000 of them live in Dordogne), English has become scarce in recent months. Health crises and border restrictions have prevented many Britons who own a second home or visit their families frequently from coming to Toronto. In the summer, at Berkerac Airport, many arrive after several months or two years..

“This is the first time we’ve been back in two years.”

On Thursday, July 29, they turn thirty when the plane lands between East Midlands and Berkerak in the center of the UK. Tamara lives in Staffordshire, a county in central England. “This is the first time we’ve been back in two years.”, She laughs. Usually, he visits his family once every two months. But the isolated measures imposed when he returned to the UK were more complicated with the children. So they stay for a month and it will be worth it.

Frank Thane lives year-round in Tordogne, near Montpelier. Usually he goes to Scotland to visit his brother, except this year, again because of his forties. After 18 months of separation, his brother comes to visit him. “18 months is a long time, He sighed. Not only forty years old, Anuchka recalled: “There are also Govt tests and tons of paper to fill!” In the summer, it’s time to come back.

“Good to be back”

Louisa, Benjamin, Raphael and Edward have been looking forward to this moment for over a year. Just before the restrictions begin in the UK, look for their home in the Berkerak vineyards they left last summer. “For many years, we came on Easter, school holidays, summer vacations. So for us France has been a part of our lives! It’s good to be back. _It’s like life is paused, and finally we can press the play button again_, Laughs Louisa, Mom.

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