June 18, 2024


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She Won't Compromise Kim Kardashian On Child Education, Comparing Ex-wife To Marilyn Monroe

She Won’t Compromise Kim Kardashian On Child Education, Comparing Ex-wife To Marilyn Monroe

Yi, the artist formerly known as Kanye Westin taking a stand against ex-wife Kim Kardashian over their children’s education.

In the second part of Ye’s exclusive comprehensive interview with Fox News Channel Tucker Carlson, which aired Friday, he said he did not want to “compromise” on his son’s education.

“What they do is take all the celebrities [kids] – actors, basketball players – and they threw them into this one school, and they indoctrinated children.” Tucker Carlson tonight.

Yi’s comments come on the heels of him saying he was “biting my tongue” for his political views, because he thought it would be good for his children.


“My kids go to a school that teaches black kids a complicated Kwanzaa… They don’t teach until Christmas itself,” Yi said of his child’s current school, Sierra Canyon.

Rapper “Jesus Walks” still suggests his kids go to Donda Academy – a new private Christian school set up by Yi.

Donda Academy teaches pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, located in Simi Valley, California, and prides itself on preparing students to become “the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and innovators.” Parents reportedly need to sign a nondisclosure agreement before their children can attend.

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The “famous” rapper continued to praise his children during his Fox News interview, Tucker Carlson and noted that he had to fight for his children’s education.

“My son, the Psalmist is great… They look forward to discovering how to doctrinally teach it to make it another part of the system,” Ye explained.

“I have a choir at my school…For now, we’ve come to a compromise, but I haven’t finished because I haven’t compromised.”

Kardashian yay They came to an agreement that their four children would attend Sierra Canyon full-time and then participate in after-school activities at Dunda Academy.

However, Ye added that his son was already affected by his current school system since he wondered why he should attend Donda Academy at all.

“I sat there with my son… and he said, ‘Why do I have to sing?'” I don’t go to your school.” So imagine a 16-year-old version of that guy? The 26-year-old version of that guy where the dad doesn’t say… what kids watch, what kids wear, what kids eat that kids hang out with.”

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Yi and Kardashian share four children together – North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalmist.

During Ye’s Fox News interview, he compared his ex-wife to Marilyn Monroe and criticized the media for saying “She’ll be single forever.”

“Kim is like a hybrid. She’s not just Marilyn Monroe…she’s also a fashion personality. She’s a mother… an activist…a lawyer. She’s a billionaire. She’s sexy. She’s one of the most beautiful women. People of all time.”

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“When you see a headline Kim says, ‘Oh, I’m going to be alone forever. “This is indoctrination… they want this person to tell all the little girls that they need to be single forever.”

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Last year, SKIMs founder and Ye filed for divorce. Since then, there have been heated discussions about how they plan to raise their children and parents.

In the first part of Ye’s exclusive interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, the rapper noted that he received criticism for moving into an adjacent house to his ex-wife to be closer to his children.


“The media made fun of me for making Kim next door to see my kids, and they even said I was stalking her and her new boyfriend,” he said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”