July 14, 2024


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“Singing in English is a form of protest”

“Singing in English is a form of protest”

The best song from “Alfa Zulu”, recorded on French group Phoenix’s new disc, Telework. Because the quartet could be called the Versailles émigrés. Singer Thomas Mars lives in New York with his wife, director Sofia Coppola. Thanks to the “Winter Solstice” entry, the Zoom app has become the fifth member of the group. That’s what these electro pop teleworkers explain to you… Zoom in, from New York, teleworking yourself in Catnoise.

Introducing Electro-Pop “without” : “Usually, the four of us make music together, as we have done since we were young, in Versailles, in the basement of Thomas’s parents.Guitarist Christian Mazzalai explains that his brother, Laurent Frankowitz, the other guitarist from Phoenix, lives in Rome. But there, because of the epidemic, we sent Thomas an instrument ring with three rings. He himself composed a vocal melody and sang on it. We saved the first tag. » Spatial distance, telecommunications, extra-vehicular prowess: no longer Thomas Mars, Thomas Besquet…

Phoenix’s new album “Alpha Zulu”: We listened to a disc in airplane mode flying over the competition.

“Born out of the frustration of having to confine oneself to a musical genre”The rest of the album was recorded “face to face” over two years at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.