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Smackdown Recap and Reactions (March 29, 2024): Jade Cargill arrives

Smackdown Recap and Reactions (March 29, 2024): Jade Cargill arrives

General manager Nick Aldis was on the scene this week to explain how much he is trying to achieve Friday Night SmackDown The best show in all of pro wrestling. One way he does this is with big-money signings like this.

Jade Cargill has well and truly finally arrived.

Cargill appeared on the scene fully dressed for the contract signing but the contract was signed nonetheless. She got on the mic for her first official promo as a member of the WWE roster.

“If you ask me, Nick, it's about damn time. And since we're finally putting pen to paper, let me make this perfectly clear – we have one of the best female rosters in the world. But they're not Jade Cargill. They're not the title. They're not a once-in-a-lifetime superstar.” Let me give you another weather update: The storm has arrived.

Her performance was strong if not spectacular, and what she lacks in charisma she makes up for in sheer physical presence. It should be interesting to see how they booked out from here.

We didn't have to wait long to find out he might be next.

The main event of the show saw Bianca Belair pinning Dakota Kai in what looked like it might have been a botched finish with the Kabuki Warriors late in the final round? It was hard to tell, especially with Corey Graves confirming the game would be official. Then again they set up the music for Belair before Damage CTRL starts hitting after the match, even with Naomi rushing in to help. With Bayley seemingly gone, due to a fight with IU Sky from a previous interview, who will help Naomi and Belair?

None other than Cargill.

She laid waste to everyone, looking impressive doing it, standing tall alongside Naomi and Belair, and the show faded to black with the three of them shoulder to shoulder. It looked like we were getting ready for a six-woman match, maybe next week, or maybe at WrestleMania. Either way, it's not a bad idea to bring her along, protecting her by giving her highly capable teammates while also allowing her the chance to shine on the big stage.

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Finally, a solid pitch.

Dirty Dominik Mysterio isn't done with dear old daddy just yet.

Santos Escobar and the rest of the Legado del Fantasma enlisted the help of Ray's son in their ongoing feud with the LWO and came there. smack down This week let's thank him for his help. Dom vowed to continue making life miserable for his father, because that's how things should be.

Yes, he was booed mercilessly and it's still one of the most fun things to do in pro wrestling in 2024.

Eventually, Ray arrived on the scene to reveal that he had a new apprentice, introducing a new member of the LWO in Dragon Lee. It also came with a tag team match challenge between the two at Wrestlemania 40. This is a very good way to put these stars on the card in a match that will undoubtedly be fun.

They made things even more interesting when Doomsday talked among themselves backstage and learned that Doom did it all on his own, even choosing not to tell Rhea Ripley about it. The feud continues in the ranks, with Dom the focal point.

Could we be witnessing the beginning of the end of one relationship or perhaps multiple relationships here? Something to keep your eyes on.

all the rest

  • The friendly alliance between Randy Orton and Kevin Owens was tested again this week in the form of a tag team match against Pretty Deadly at the start of the show. The two actually managed to get along well during the match, which went all the way until Logan Paul suddenly appeared from under the ring, running in to lay down Owens with brass fists, giving Pretty Deadly the win. Here Orton became upset, although he changed his tune when he saw the Titantron and saw what happened. They had some fun with Orton chasing him down, finding him under the ring, dragging him out and laying him down like he was going to hit an RKO on the announcer's table. Instead, Pretty Deadly came to the rescue and ate a few bites on the spot. He ran away and nothing came of it. I'm a little surprised they haven't done more to drive a wedge between the babyfaces here.
  • Iyo Sky gave an interview saying that she is disgusted with fans for feeling sorry for a narcissistic person like Bayley. She acknowledged the help she received from her but claimed she went beyond it, realizing she was “an embarrassment to this company.” When the interview ended, with perfect timing, Bayley rushed Sky and the two brawled throughout the set while the workers waited long enough to let them get some footage before breaking it up. Standard angle but it seemed like they were working as hard as they should have for the story here.
  • A-Town Down Under defeated The Street Profits in the first qualifier of a Six-Pack Ladder match for the Undisputed Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania 40. Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins were in control until Ultimate Reign crashed Bobby Lashley's backstage party and created enough of a distraction to cost Profits are where they are. It would be a surprise if this didn't lead to a faction war in Philadelphia, at least in the opening demo if nothing else.
  • New Catch Republic defeated Angel & Berto in a match that came right after Legado del Fantasma got into a brawl with LWO. Not exactly a fair fight but that's the cost of discord in a faction like this. The match was good, and the result was not surprising considering the way Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne have performed as of late.
  • The Bloodline promises to eliminate Jey Uso before he gets to WrestleMania and the currently planned match against Jimmy. They're doing this by having him face Solo Sekoa next week, which, given Sekoa's record, isn't as scary as they intend.
  • AJ Styles blamed the fans for his feud with LA Knight getting to the point it did, with the house invasion and all. They encourage his nonsense. He vowed to show everyone that he was superior Wrestlemania. He didn't trust that ol' L.A. wasn't already in the building even though Aldis had asked him not to, and they had fun cosplaying and Knight surprised Styles before putting shoes on for him. Big bang to stomp a mud hole in the corner. Styles ran and Knight worked on the mic gimmick. This guy is still the same as ever, and I very much hope the match makes it to WrestleMania. It can do a lot for his future prospects.
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This didn't feel like a show just two weeks after WrestleMania but it was good nonetheless.

Grade B

Your turn.