May 26, 2024


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Solar eclipse weather forecast in metro Detroit: What to know

Solar eclipse weather forecast in metro Detroit: What to know

Things may be looking up — or should we say looking up — for Michiganders hoping to see a total solar eclipse on Monday.

Preparing for this rare opportunity, clear skies will be essential for viewing the eclipse, especially since most of Michigan is not in the path of totality.

As of Sunday, Accuweather Temperatures are expected to reach 70 degrees in Detroit on Monday, with a mix of clouds and sunshine. The area will see rain through Sunday night until sunrise early Monday. Expect a low chance of rain, about 22%, early Monday, with conditions remaining cloudy to partly cloudy in the afternoon, according to the forecast.

Forecasters in National Weather Service They expect a 30% chance of sky cover during the time of the eclipse in southeastern Michigan.

The total eclipse will begin in the United States at 1:27 PM CST in Eagle Pass, Texas. It will make its way at approximately 1:55 p.m. to Michigan. From there, the route will cut diagonally across the country before ending around 3:35 PM EST in Lee, Maine.

When is the 2024 eclipse in Michigan?

Most areas of Michigan are not in the path of totality, but you can still see the moon crossing the sun using eclipse glasses or a safe eclipse viewing device.

A small piece of Monroe County, near Toledo, is expected to be in the path of the totality. This means that the area is likely to become gloomy and temperatures will drop by a few degrees as the moon's shadow covers the sun.

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This is the time when you can expect to view the eclipse from your city or region. (Can't you see the chart below? Click here.)

Amy Hauschka contributed to this report.