April 22, 2024


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SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch at Cape today: Everything to know

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch at Cape today: Everything to know

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It's launch day, and today, there's a rare treat with SpaceX's planned twin Falcon 9 rocket.

Firstly: SpaceX Falcon 9 Eutelsat36D satellite launch at 5:52 pm from Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center. It is a communications satellite for Africa and Eurasia. The rocket will fly east to reach its intended orbit.

The Falcon 9 rocket will return with the landing Just read the instructions Drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean so no sonic boom is expected. SpaceX has a launch window of three hours and 58 minutes if needed.

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Just over three hours later, SpaceX will launch the next batch of 23 Starlink satellites from Cape Canaveral Space Force Launch Complex 40. Starlink 6-45 is currently scheduled to launch at 9:02 p.m., and SpaceX said the window extends until 10 pm.

The booster will land Lack of gravity A drone in the Atlantic Ocean, so again no sonic booms will follow this launch.

To add to the launch fever, SpaceX on the US West Coast intends to launch another batch of 22 Starlink satellites from Launch Complex 4 East at Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. This launch is targeted for 10:30 PM ET. If all launches go ahead, it would mean SpaceX sent three Falcon 9 rockets into space within hours on Saturday.

When do you see a Florida release? Is there a launch today? NASA's SpaceX's upcoming rocket launch schedule in Florida

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Meanwhile, the closest Delta IV Heavy could make another attempt after scrubbing on Thursday at 1:25 p.m. Monday, according to the FAA.

Check back for updates of the FLORIDA TODAY Space Team's live launch coverage to be posted on this page, starting 90 minutes before the launch window opens.

When will the first SpaceX Falcon 9 launch take place on Saturday?

The first SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is tentatively scheduled to launch on Saturday at 5:52 PM from KSC's Launch Pad 39A. It's a three-hour, 58-minute window opener. There are backup opportunities available on Sunday in the same window.

When is the second SpaceX Falcon 9 launch on Saturday?

SpaceX will attempt a dual goal by launching a constellation of Starlink satellites on another Falcon 9 rocket at 9:02 p.m. from Cape Canaveral Space Force Launch Complex 40. This window lasts until 10 p.m. There is another backup opportunity on Sunday starting at 7 p.m.

What is the weather forecast for the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch?

The weather forecast is ideal with less than a 5 percent chance of conditions that could prevent the launch, according to the Space Force's 45th Weather Squadron. The main concern: thick cloud layers.

Brooke Edwards is a satellite correspondent for Florida Today. Contact her at [email protected]