April 20, 2024


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Speed ​​cameras: Germans, British, Italians … who are the brightest on our highways?

The Govt-19 epidemic has somewhat dampened the enthusiasm of European motorists. Le Figaro. Thus, by 2020, despite a series of restrictions, the number of tickets issued in and out of France fell by 21.6%, following a fall of more than 14% already. Last year, thirteen million tickets were issued in the country, nearly two million to foreigners. In this little game, it was the Belgian motorists who were the most immoral at the wheel, according to Le Figaro, according to figures from the National Agency for Automated Processing (ANTAI).

If the Belgians had committed 16% fewer crimes than in 2019, they would be in the lead with 245,856 sent to them. They are ahead of the Spaniards (219,704) and the United Kingdom (210,474), with a fall of -52%. The Govt-19 crisis and Brexit undoubtedly illustrate these figures. Germany ranks fourth with 170,271 PV (-31%) and on the other hand Romania explodes counters: + 46% a year, with fines just over 160,000.

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Agreement with 19 EU countries

Of the notable individuals in this ranking, note that Finland’s tickets are down 60%, which is the biggest decline. Only 446 PV shipped. Sweden is down 58%, but still has more than 4,400 tickets. Monaco (378), Malta (200) and Cyprus (140) close this ranking. Keep in mind that not all of them have cross-border agreements regarding road safety offenses. According to Le Figaro, the countries that have introduced less severe traffic measures than the West are seeing their meter increases: Romania (+ 46%), Bulgaria (+ 56%) and Poland (+ 34%).

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These figures, which are generally declining, can be explained by agreements between France and 23 of the 30 countries in this ranking. The European Order of March 11, 2015 makes it possible to exchange and communicate information when violations occur. In the EU, these agreements are valid with 19 EU countries and Switzerland. Such as speeding, drunk driving, drunk driving, and driving at red lights. Tickets can be sent directly to those who made a mistake.

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