July 25, 2024


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“Statistically, it’s very low.”

“Statistically, it’s very low.”

It’s been almost 2 years since Le Rire Jaune’s Kevin Tran published its content in English. A fruitless choice, but one he doesn’t regret.

On March 14, 2021, Kevin Tran announced that he would release his videos in English, with the aim of uniting a wider audience in front of his content. While continuing to offer subtitles in Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Japanese and French. Despite the technical solidity of this transition, almost two years later – it seems that it was not a very strategic choice to build its channel. Called by Zach Nani with his brother Henry Tran, Kevin explained why it was “Stupid financial move“.

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You are at the top of the food chain among French YouTubers. You can spread your content and get sponsored all to reach millions. You decide to switch to English. I am the worst businessman in history“, first laughed Kevin Tran. But in fact, this choice was guided by only one thing:quest“. “At some point I felt it was the right decision, so I did itHe reflected.

Kevin Tran: “95% of my comments are from my French-speaking audience”

Of course, “From a statistical point of view, it has come down a lot“. And for good reason. Besides being produced in English, the content produced by Kevin Tran is already inaccessible to everyone.”It’s animated, highly relevant content and not understood by everyone. This is also a different spelling ».

So in the end, the key players in his community were the ones who stayed. “95% of comments are from my French speaking audienceThe videographer continues at Zach Nani. The most interesting thing is that I have not yet reached an English-speaking audience. I particularly touched the French-speaking audience who understood English. But I firmly believe that what I have been producing for these two years is of such high quality in terms of content that if the English-speaking audience falls on it, it will explode.“.

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In the rest of the news, Squeezie is pessimistic about the future of this video format: “It scares me”.

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