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Success depends on language

Success depends on language

Maxime Coudert no longer speaks English “Mock Slave”. After five months in Toronto he has packed his suitcases on French soil. The 23-year-old, who holds a degree in editorial communications, wanted to take a break before entering the job market. In January, he decided to pursue a language residency with EF Education Fisrt, a world leader in the field. In the program: four hours of English a day, immersion in a Canadian family and a visit to the country.

The Frenchman says he is satisfied with his progress: “Life is beautiful, I was at C1 level [autonome] Now I am C2 [maîtrisé] ». His motivation? Master the language to secure your professional future. “In the communication world, you work on software in English, when you have an error, the support is in English, if you work in a large international company, you communicate in English, and then you do Franglais all day. ,” Sums up anyone who wants to pursue a career in digital communications.

According to data from the National Organization for Education, Linguistics and Language Training (UNOCEL), like Maxim, around 100,000 young people go abroad to learn a language every year. The fascination surrounding these shelters has always been there.

“Academic Punishment” yesterday

Since the 1960s, the French have flocked across the Channel between their British neighbours, like the two dunces in the picture. For us little English girls (1976), sent to the south of England after failing his undergraduate studies. “At that time, language detention was experienced as an academic punishmentSabine Bonnat, General Representative of UNOCEL, analyzes. Henceforth, it is seen as an opportunity to improve language learning and an experience to gain autonomy. »

At the end of the work imposed by their parents, young people willingly set out to discover another culture. With a new imperative: they must learn English for their professional integration. Antoine Doug, 23, flew to California with EF when he was 18. “English, I don’t need, it’s compulsoryThe future sales engineer argues. Thanks to this language you can go anywhere and work with anyone. » It was his father who encouraged him to leave, worried about his future. Today, Lyonnais does not regret this decision. He checked his B1 level [indépendant]According to him, something he doesn’t have “Never Can Do Without EF”.

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