March 3, 2024


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Technology that died in 2023

Technology that died in 2023

We do not often indulge in looking back, however [Chole Albanesisu] in Computer magazine I did and wrote Technology obituary for all the tech tools and services that are dead During the past year. Some of the entries are fairly predictable: Twitter died and was replaced by X, which is exactly like it, only different. We didn't notice other instances, such as Netflix halting its DVD shipments.

Google Glass is dead again, this time the enterprise version. Amazon has ditched donating money through Kindle shopping and print subscriptions.

Glass wasn't Google's only victim. Gmail lost its core HTML version and shut down its Jamboard smartboard product. They also sold their Internet businesses in an attempt to focus on the core business. Other notable Google shutdowns include the popular podcast app and Usenet support for groups. And don't forget their experience offering Pixels phones as a subscription. It's been done too.

As you might expect, PC Magazine's list is a little consumer-oriented. What hacker-centric products and services have disappeared this year that you'll miss? Sculpteo market? Print XYZ? Startups in 2023 are collapsing at an alarming rate, but you haven't heard about most of them. Was there anything you were particularly disappointed about? Let us know in the comments.

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