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Ten Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started Palworld

Ten Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started Palworld

What on earth is going on with Palworld? Turns out, this “Pokemon with Guns” game is something that has captured the attention of millions of players, and is actually one of the most played Steam games in history.

If you're here, you've probably jumped on the Palworld bandwagon, looking for ways to improve your early experience and avoid the mistakes I made when I first started out and didn't have any reviewer guides.

So, with a significant amount of early playtime spent here, here are ten things I wish I'd known when I started Palworld.

1. Where to build your first base?

This is literally the first thing you'll be asked to do, and there's no harm in building closer to your starting point, since you probably won't want to venture out also Well before nightfall and you want to settle down without freezing to death. But there are some important things to keep in mind. That is, you want to have a fair amount of key resources nearby. Trees and rocks are obvious but they are everywhere. Instead, what is more important, or what will happen soon, are the shiny blue palladium nodes that are key to many recipes including domains, and the shiny gold ore nodes that you will need to farm later to make bullion.

Additionally, I probably wouldn't build something in a wide open field where you'll be attacked by enemies later in the game, and that makes you pretty much indefensible. You want to find a place that has some rock walls, or is near water, and then has a few choke points to take on enemies. If not, prepare to build a lot of walls.

2. Best junior colleagues

For my money, I'll give a lot of credit to two in particular. First off, I'll give a lot of props to Cattiva as an all-purpose go-to. Kativa can help make things, can carry things, can gather crops, and can mine ore. They can take on a lot more roles than Lamballs, which may be what you think you should start with given how ubiquitous they are.

To fight? My early choice was easily Foxparks. Not only does it breathe fire in combat, making it great for toasting early monsters, but upgrading it allows you to Pick it up and use it as a flamethrower. Not only is this one of Palworld's traditionally funny uses for Pals, but it's actually quite effective in combat as well.

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3. Understand the basic roles of the worker

As you build your base, you'll have to start matching Pal roles with Pal parts in your base. While in the beginning, yes, you can use Lamballs to help you in crafting, things will get more complicated soon. If you hover your mouse over each Pal in your inventory, you'll see a number of icons light up, and these are the types of tasks he can perform. Next, you will see different buildings that have a requirement icon. Like Foxparks, as a fiery friend, it can help you with cooking or smelling. Pengullet as a water/ice type can help you cool down your food or water plans. And so on and so on. It takes some getting used to, but it's an essential part of creating basic functionality.

4. Get a riding buddy as fast as you can

You'll quickly notice that getting around the map is kind of a pain in the ass. But this is quickly mitigated if you invest in “saddle technology” because there are a number of first buddies you can ride with to avoid having to run everywhere. I think the lowest I've seen you can ride it is a Melpaca, but I soon got an Eikthrydeer to ride which looked even cooler. You can also ride flying friends like the Nitewing. To do this, you will have to unlock the saddle technology for every friend who can do it, then research it using the required materials in the Pal Gear workbench.

5. Best Way to Level XP Fast Bar Nothing

You will need to level up to not only become stronger, but to unlock more building and crafting possibilities. Although crafting, building, and farming in the base will give you and your team XP, you have to venture out into the wilderness. And while killing The wild beast will give you good experience points and also hunt teammates at a distance, which will take you up through the levels. Load the balls and get at least ten copies of every friend you see particle Loads of XP, and you'll likely save a little for actual jobs or combat roles. A great way to do this in one fell swoop is to go to nearby cave dungeons where there will be a lot of unusual friends to catch as well as a dungeon boss that holds a lot of XP and materials when killed or captured.

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6. Key to catch all teammates

While I won't say the obvious Pokemon rule here, which is to throw balls (balls) when your wild friend is low on health to catch it, there is one thing you'll need to learn pretty quickly. While you want your friends to go out fighting to deal damage to enemies most of the time, if you are trying Catch Guys, you might want to put your favorite things aside. Why? Because they may end up shooting smaller enemies, or they may attack larger enemies to wipe out the last bit of health before you can catch them. My general rule is to not take your combat mates out for small hunts, and return them to their domains for larger hunts. Which leads me to:

7. How to catch powerful colleagues

Boss Pals are either large or evolved versions of regular friends, which you'll find in the overworld or in dungeons. While they may often be difficult to kill, catching them is even more difficult. The same principle applies here, but in different ways. For some of these people, you'll need to move around most of your team members to improve their health.

Then again, I would say that when you get to about 10% health, which is easier to judge due to the huge health bars that have actual numbers, call your friends and shoot them or poke them with a bow/spear to get them down to the lowest level possible , where you'll likely deal less damage than your friends' super moves. Then use the higher quality ball to try to catch it repeatedly. Send a lot of spam if you have to, and the percentage should work in your favor in the end. Bring plenty of balls, just in case.

8. Don't forget the unique Pal unlock feature

Do you know how I said to open saddles for friends? Well, other teammates have different unlocks like combat skills (monkey firing an AK), but after that, it's hard to see what passive skills you won't get until you invest in that upgrade. For example, while I can unlock a saddle for my Kingpaca, what you may not realize is that this is also how you unlock the additional 100 carry weight for your character. And again, for my Chillet saddle, this also unlocked additional dragon damage during mounting. So upgrade all your favorite players even if you already have several friends with saddles and the like.

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9. The most important early buildings to obtain

Go to the three menu here. The first two sites, the recording site and the Stone Pit, were paired. These will allow your friends to automatically produce basic wood and stone for you, and if you get a system that farms these things, and your teammates move them to your storage boxes, you will never have to farm wood or stone again for most part.

The second part is a mulberry plantation, or later wheat. Having planting, watering and harvesting friends to operate these patches of land and taking the berries to the feeder boxes means you'll create a feedback loop of friends who can constantly eat at the base without you having to feed them directly, which is cumbersome unless you set this up.

10. How to fix stuck or unhelpful workers

If there's one consistent problem with Palworld rules, it's that workers can be quite stupid at times and can stumble or fail in their work and transportation route. You can catch it and throw it somewhere to loosen it, but often you can't, as if it fell off a cliff. Somehow I had a sheep stuck in a tree. So what you have to do is replace them with any other friend in the Pal Box, then put them back immediately and they will reappear right in front of you.

I also ran into a weird problem where I had 12 different friends, but none of them helped me formulate anything even though many of them had this skill. I don't know why but for some reason, these fellows were all prioritizing grazing on the farm because most of them had this skill, and only after I deleted everything, would they actually help me again.

I'll have a lot more of these, but hopefully this will be enough to get you started.

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