April 14, 2024


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Tennessee Baseball vs. Baylor score, updates

Tennessee Baseball vs. Baylor score, updates

a result: Volume 11, Bears 5 | last

Baseball is scheduled to take on ninth-seeded Tennessee (1-1) against Baylor (0-2) in the third game of a three-game stretch in Arlington, Texas, as part of the Shriners College Showdown to open the 2024 season. Premiere time is set for 8 :15 p.m. ET (7:15 p.m. local time).

FloBaseball has a live stream of Saturday night's game and the rest of Tennessee's games this weekend. Click here To subscribe to FloBaseball to watch the game. You can also listen to the game here.

The Vols and Bears are two of six teams participating in the Shriners Children's College Showdown at Globe Life Field, home of the Texas Rangers, Friday through Sunday. Oregon, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas Tech are the other four teams. The Vols beat Texas Tech 6-2 on Friday and lost to Oklahoma 5-1 in extra innings on Saturday.

Baylor lost both games this weekend, losing 4-1 to Nebraska on Friday before losing 7-4 to Oregon on Saturday.

For any advance reading on Tennessee's first two games this weekend, click here.

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Lineups, match promo and additional pre-game notes are below.

Starting formations

Tennessee starting at 9:

CF Hunter Ensley (R)

LF Dylan Dreiling (left)

SS Christian Moore (R)

DH Dalton Bargo (left)

3B Billy Amick (R)

C Cannon Pebbles (S)

1B Blake Burke (left)

2B Bradke Lohry (R)

Tears of RF Cavares (left)

Lineup notes:

  • The Tears return to the starting lineup and will start in right field.
  • Burke moves down the order to the seven hole.
  • Dreiling moves up the order to the two slots.
  • Bargo is making his first career start as a filler and will mop up as the DH.

Baylor starts ninth:

RF Enzo Apodaca

DH Hunter Simmons

3B Hunter Tiplanski

L. F. Wesley Jordan

2B Mason Greer

CF Ty Johnson

1B Brayden Buchanan

SS Terek Kemp

C. Harrison Calley

Pitching the match

Sr. Volumes LHP Xander Sechrist (2023 statistics: 0-1, 2.05 ERA, 23 RBI, 12 starts, 30.2 IP, 27 H, 7 R, 7 ER, 5 BB, 32 K, .237 vs. Batting average, 1.04 WHIP)


Bears Sr. RHP Jared Matheson (Statistics 2023: 1-1, 3.89 ERA, 15 RBI, 8 starts, 39.1 IP, 40 H, 20 R, 17 ER, 24 BB, 41 K, .267 vs. Batting average, 1.63 WHIP)

official wear

Tennessee: Orange tops, gray bottoms

Baylor: Green tops, white bottoms

*Note* Baylor is the home team

Game theme

first half:


-Hunter Ensley flies to RF.

-Dylan Dreiling flies to CF.

-Christian Moore works on foot.

Christian Moore steals second. Bad throw from the goalkeeper.

-Dalton Pargo hits swinging, from first C to 1B.

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The end of the upper half

B 1

– Enzo Apodaca is alone in midfield.

-Hunter Simmons smokes RBI double To the left center.

-Hunter Tiplanski walked. The runners-up are in first and second place with no finishers.

-Wesley Jordan flies to left center. Tremendous diving catch by Hunter Ensley. Simmons advances to third

-Mason Greer arrives Player's choice, RBI Simmons also records. Tiplanski came out in second 6-4.

-Ty Johnson is out to p, due to interference on Sechrist's throw to first.

The end of the lower half

Result: Volume 0, Bears 2

Second half:


-Billy Amick flies deep into the field. Great catch from Ty Johnson.

-Canon Peebles draws a distance of four degrees.

-Blake Burke stares down the third strike to strike out.

– Bradke Lohry walked. The first and second place runners are brought to tears by Cavares.

– Tears of Cavares Al-Aswad A Three home runs to left field to give Tennessee the lead.

-Hunter Ensley pops up to 2B.

The end of the upper half


-Brayden Buchanan hits swinging.

-Tiriq Kemp goes one-on-one from the left side.

-Kemp was caught stealing in the second 1-3-6. Great play by Moore to put the tag in at second.

-Harrison Calle knocks a Home run solo Over the left field wall.

– Enzo Apodacca flies to LF.

The end of the lower half

Result: Volume 3, Bears 3

Third half:


*Change in the field: LHP Kobe Andrade enters the field in place of Matheson*

-Dylan Dreiling hits off three pitches.

– Christian Moore walks on four pitches.

-Dalton Pargo singles from the right side. Moore advances to second. The Racers lead on a throwing error by Baylor right fielder Enzo Apodaca.

– Billy Amick Ropes A Triple triple play From the left field wall, Moore and Pargo score.

-Canon Peebles delivers a Sac fly To the center of the field for Amick to score.

-Blake Burke out to 1B unassisted.

The end of the upper half


*Pitch change: RHP Nate Snead moves to the outfield in place of Sechrist*

Xander Seacrest's final line: 2.0 IP, 4 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 1 BB, 1 K, 25 strikeouts on 42 total pitches against 10 hitters.

-Hunter Simmons goes out to 1B unassisted.

-Hunter Teplanski was walked after a full count.

– Wesley Jordan walked. Frank Anderson calls a hill meeting as Snead walks back to back.

– Mason Greer is out to LF.

-Ty Johnson smokes a Triple triple play To the left center.

– Brayden Buchanan is working on walking.

Buchanan steals second.

-Terriq Kemp hits swinging.

The end of the lower half

Result: Volume 6, Bears 5

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Fourth half:


-Bradak Lohry excels in research.

– Cavares' tears are unique to the shallow left field.

-Hunter Ensley reached on a fielding foul by SS. Tears advances to second place. It should have been a huge hit for Ensley, FWIW.

-Dylan Dreiling flies to CF. Tears advances to third place.

*Change in pitching: RHP will move to the outfield for Andrade*

-Christian Moore knocks a Double operation To left field to score Thiers and Ensley. Nice work by Insley to get off the mark.

-Dalton Pargo hits swinging.

The end of the upper half


-Harrison Caley flies to CF.

– Enzo Apodacca flies to LF.

-Hunter Simmons flies to right center.

The end of the lower half

Result: Volume 8, Bears 5

Fifth half:


-Billy Amick is fired Homer solo To left field on the first pitch of the bat.

-Cannon Peebles singles to right field.

-Blake Burke throws a one-hitter into shallow left field. A misunderstanding between Baylor's shortstop and left fielder. Peebles advances to second place.

– Bradke Lohry walked. Bases loaded with no outs to Cavares' tears.

*Pitch change: LHP Mason Green pitches for Glatch*

– Cavares tears pop up for SS in shallow left field.

-Hunter Ensley hits swinging.

-Dylan Dreiling flies to CF.

The end of the upper half


-Hunter Tiplanski hits swinging.

-Wesley Jordan is alone in the middle.

– Mason Greer flies to midfield. Ensley runs under it and then launches the ball to Blake Burke, who stretches out to make a great catch and tags Jordan into an 8-3 double play.

The end of the lower half

Result: Volume 9, Bears 5

Sixth inning:


-Christian Moore continues his good day with a leadoff double to left field.

Moore advances to third on a groundout.

– Dalton Pargo walked. Ball four is a wild pitch, and Moore should have run home but decided not to. Moore tapped his chest because he knew the move was going there. Runners on the corners with no outs for baseball player Billy Amick.

-Amick resorts to a 5-4-3 double play, however Moore records. AMIC does not get credit to RBI.

-Cannon Peebles goes out to 3B.

The end of the upper half.


-Ty Johnson flies to LF. Nice work from Dreiling to run under.

– Brayden Buchanan singles to 2B. Lohry should have let Christian Moore have it, as the CMO would likely make the play. Lohry's throw was too far for Burke to extend.

-Tyreke Kemp reaches on the fielder's choice while Buchanan is out at second. Lohry's throw got Burke out of the bag again to prevent a 4-3 double play.

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-Harrison Cale hits with a swing.

The end of the lower half

Result: Volume 10, Bears 5

Seventh inning:


*Pitch change: LHP Ethan Calder moves to Green*

-Blake Burke plays RF.

*Strong kick from Robin Villeneuve for Bradke Lohry*

– Villeneuve is alone in left field. Burke moves up to second place.

-Kavares Tears fly to the warning track in deep center. Burke moves up to third

-Hunter Ensley hits swinging.

-Dylan Dreiling rehearsing One RBI In the middle of the field for Burke to score. Villeneuve moved up to third.

*Pitch change: RHP Gabe Craig moves to the outfield in place of Calder*

– Christian Moore hits swinging, from 1st C to 1B.

The end of the upper half


*Alex Perry to 2B for Villeneuve*

-Enzo Apodaca singles through the right side on the first pitch.

– Hunter Simmons walked. Apodaca moves up to second place.

LHP Chris Stamos warms up in the bullpen.

Hunter Tiplanski plays in a 4-6-3 double formation. Apodaca advances to third.

– Wesley Jordan walked. Runners on the corners with two outs. Snead reaches 81 degrees.

-Mason Greer hits swinging.

The end of the lower half

Result: Volume 11, Bears 5

Eighth inning:


-Dalton Pargo hits swinging.

-Billy Amick works on walking after a full count.

*Pitch change: LHP RJ Ruais enters the field in place of Craig*

-Cannon Peebles swings on three pitches.

-Blake Burke pops up to 3B.

The end of the upper half


*Pitch change: LHP Chris Stamos steps in for Snead*

*Cal Stark as catcher for Cannon Peebles*

-Ty Johnson hits with a swing.

-Brayden Buchanan hits swinging.

*Will Pendergrass shoots the ball for Tyreek Kemp*

-Pendergrass reasons to 3B.

The end of the lower half

Result: Volume 11, Bears 5

Ninth inning:


-Alex Perry departs to 3B.

– Cavares' Tears are walked on four pitches.

-Hunter Ensley adopts a 5-4-3 double play, but it is under review. It may be safe at first.

The call was reversed. Inslee is safe at first. Two outs for Dylan Dreiling.

-Drilling is walked on after a complete count.

*Pitch change: RHP Drew Leach moves to the outfield for Al Ruwais*

– Christian Moore fouled out at 2B.

The end of the upper half


-Cole Posey hits the swing.

*Cadey Fletcher hits Apodaca hard*

– Fletcher takes a walk after the full count.

-Hunter Simmons hits swinging. One out away.

-Hunter Tiplansky Flies to RF.

The end of the lower half

game over

Final: Tennessee 11, Baylor Bears 5