February 29, 2024


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Tesla is recalling 1.6 million cars in China to reduce the risk of collisions

Tesla is recalling 1.6 million cars in China to reduce the risk of collisions

Xiaolu Zhou/Getty Images

An aerial view of Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory.

Hong Kong

Tesla is recalling 1.6 million cars in China to fix problems with its Autopilot assistance system and reduce the risk of collisions, a Chinese regulator said on Friday.

The issues can be fixed through over-the-air software updates, according to a statement from China State Administration for Market Regulationthe largest market regulator in the country.

the Autopilot recall covers 1.61 million Teslas (TSLA) vehicles in the company's second-largest market, including imported Model S, Model Vehicles were manufactured between August 26, 2014 and December 20, 2023.

Drivers in these vehicles may “abuse” autopilot functions, which could increase the risk of collisions, the regulator said in the statement.

The Chinese recall follows the recall of nearly two million Tesla vehicles on American roads last month after the US safety regulator found that the Autopilot system could be used in ways that pose an increased risk of accidents.

As examples, the US regulator cited the use of Autopilot on local streets, rather than on limited-access highways, or without drivers paying attention or keeping their hands on the wheel. This recall came after an analysis of nearly 1,000 crashes in the United States involving Tesla with Autopilot in use.

Tesla will update the software system for the recalled products The Chinese regulator added that the vehicles, including adding controls and alerts, “to further encourage the driver to adhere to his driving responsibility.”

The restrictions on Autopilot are a blow to Tesla's efforts to market its cars to buyers willing to pay more to have their cars do the driving for them.

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A second Chinese recall concerns 7,538 imported Model S sedans and Model X SUVs The regulatory body's statement said it was possible for the doors to open and open during the collision. These vehicles were manufactured between October 26, 2022 and November 16, 2023.