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The “AGT” winner is conscious, off a respirator

The “AGT” winner is conscious, off a respirator

Former America’s Got Talent winner Michael Grimm has regained consciousness after a mysterious illness led to him being sedated in hospital, his wife said.

Lucy Zulcerva Grimm He said on instagram On Monday, her 44-year-old husband was taken off her ventilator after being hospitalized in intensive care for at least two weeks.

His wife stated that doctors recently placed the Las Vegas-based singer in the intensive care unit after he appeared “ill” and behaved in a “boiling” manner.

“He’s no longer sedated…a bit awake now,” Zulcerva-Grim said in a video shared to his more than 8,000 followers on the platform after his health issues became public last week.

Although he does not have a strong enough voice to communicate, his wife said “his voice is slowly coming back” and he is being weaned off the medications prescribed to him by doctors.

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What happened to Michael Grimm?

Zulcerva Grimm He did not reveal the cause of Grimm’s health problems.

Although the doctors removed the ventilator, she said her husband now suffers from hallucinations, anxiety, and other side effects from his medication. She said he also had muscle atrophy from being bedridden for about two weeks.

“It created a lot of confusion for him, a lot of frustration and anger, because he thinks things aren’t really happening,” said Zulcerva-Grim.

She said her husband doesn’t always recognize her, but she said doctors told her the side effects would go away within a week.

Zulcerva Grimm She initially took her husband to the emergency room after saying she thought he had had a stroke, but later said that was not the case.

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Vocal cord repair

Grimm’s wife previously said her husband would have to undergo vocal chord repair after he had to rely on a ventilator that left him “voiceless”.

She asked for prayers in her social media post.

Originally from Mississippi, Grimm is a singer-songwriter who won the fifth season of America’s Got Talent in 2010.

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