July 22, 2024


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The alleged stalker of Drew Barrymore now has an arrest warrant

The alleged stalker of Drew Barrymore now has an arrest warrant

Getty/Southampton City Police


Drew Barrymore

A warrant has been issued for the alleged stalker

…after failing to show up to the GPS screen

Drew BarrymoreThe alleged stalker, a man named… Chad Michael Bustonow has a warrant for his arrest after failing to show up to obtain a GPS monitoring device from authorities.

Clerk of the Court of Justice of the City of Southampton Heather Drapal TMZ says… A judge issued a bench warrant for Busto in connection with a case last month when Busto was arrested after cops said he Showed up uninvited To her home in the Hamptons.

We’re told Busto was prepared to have a GPS monitor fitted by cops but he never showed up… so now police are looking to arrest him again.

As we reported, cops say Busto went from house to house in the Hamptons a few weeks ago, eventually finding her $6 million worth of property and walking down some steps outside before being restrained. We were told that Drew wasn’t home at the time.

Of course, this arrest came just two days after a video of Posto surfaced Rushing into the theater During an interview 92NY was having with the singer/actress Renee Raab. You can hear him demanding to see Drew and claiming she knows who he is.

We’re told there have been no complaints from this incident and cops have not responded as a result… but they are definitely looking for him now.

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