May 18, 2022


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'The Batman' second frame is heading for $238M+ - Deadline

‘The Batman’ second frame is heading for $238M+ – Deadline

Warner Bros.“. BatmanAnd the As expected, it tops the box office this weekend in what is expected to be a number 1 three-frame series with a very healthy -51% retention and $66 million, on its way to $238.5 million by Sunday. Already, the film directed by Matt Reeves has exceeded 400 million US dollars. Yesterday posted $18.7M, -47% over last Friday (-67% if you compare against First Friday + pic previews).

This beats the second dips of previous DC movies this weekend Batman vs Superman (-69%) and The rise of the dark knight (-61%), Justice Squad (-56%) and The Dark Knight (-53%).

RelishMix noted the post-social conversations in the DC movie, reporting that it “works favorably as skepticism has been eliminated with cast choices praising Robert Pattinson’s performance as the best Batman performance ever, while fans continue to admire Nirvana’s music in the film, which was the inspiration for it.” Matt Reeves while writing the movie. YouTube videos have emerged significantly on digital social media, adding 20.6 million views of owned material and studio acquired over the course of the week. The film’s official social pages have added 282 thousand new fans, mainly on Instagram, where the total number of Twitter and Facebook pages has now reached 1.3 million. Batman.

Zoe Kravitz’s super Instagram fan count has risen to 7.4 million, adding 617K over the course of the week, with images from Ellen Von Unwerth’s hot new photo. Wonders Magazine, with photos of the actress and Pattinson. In another promo pic in theaters, Kravitz SNL tonight.

turns red

Although the pandemic has subsided and the mask mandate eased in Los Angeles and New York, the box office center is full of lookouts. Sony Spider-Man: There is no room for home It’s still surging around $800 million, but it will stand at $792.2 million by Sunday after the 13th weekend for $4 million, -11%, and theater bookings for 2,702 locations. This is a stage show that any competing distributor would envy three months after the pic was released.

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Note, if Disney has kept Pixar turns red In theaters this weekend, that could have brought in between $20M – $30M+, at least providing a dollar depth for exhibitors this weekend. Right, you could argue that the studio didn’t know how long Omicron would stay, but we got it sing 2 It still toured the top ten at the box office in 12 weekends after its release, with $1.55 million. Come on Disney, you know families head to the theater.

Here are other interesting takeaways with turns red: I’m told that when Netflix releases a show or movie (outside of the major awards season fare), they spend a very frugal amount of money, relying directly on their subscriber list to launch a title.

But in the case of Disney with turns red, They bombarded for a pic like it was a big theatrical release. why? It’s possible that the marketing money was already there and counted, but she’s also keen on Disney+ subscribers. Shelling turns red It can be said that advertising on social media is on par with what Lionsgate has been paying for moon fall (And this studio, in fact, pushed that movie.)

iSpot shows Disney spent $23 million on US TV ads. This is how much they spent it for Black Widow, and more than jungle trip ($19.5 million), Cruella ($12.6 million), and what Netflix has spent red notice ads ($3.3 million), the most watched movie of all time.

Disney ran the sites during the Winter Olympics, Big City Greens, Miraculous -Tale of Ladybug & Cat Noir, Bachelor And the Good morning America. iSpot reports that turns redThe trailer was the 16th most watched movie on all TV screens since February 21. Why didn’t Disney keep this movie in theaters? Again, they need Disney+ subscribers, given the billions they spend on streaming shows, which aren’t spending as fast.

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Weekend ticket sales totaled $95 million, -43% off last weekend, and 55% off the same weekend in 2019. That was when Disney was captain marvel, This brought all ticket sales for that weekend to $210 million.

Top 10 of the weekend:

1.) Batman (WB) 4417 Friday Theaters $18.7 million (-67%) / 3 days: 66 million dollars (-51%) Total $238.5 million/ week 2

2.) Unknown (Sony) 3725 (-150) theaters, Friday $2.4 million (-19%) / 3 days 9 million dollars (-19%) / Total $113.1 million/ week 4

3.) dog (UAR) 3407 (-100) Theatres, Friday $1.38 million (-13%) / 3 days 5.1 million dollars (-16%) / total $47.6 million/ week 4

4.) Spider-Man: There is no room for home (Sony) 2702 (-7) Theaters, Fri 960 thousand dollars (-11%) / 3 days 4 million dollars (-11%) / total $792.2 million/ week 13

5.) Rad Shyam (Alerion) 800 theater, Friday $1.25 million3 day $3.2 million/ week 1

6.) Death on the Nile (DIS) 2450 (-115) Theaters, Fri 680 thousand dollars (-12%) / 3 days $2.3 million (-14%) / total $40.6 million/ week 5

7.) sing 2 (UNI/IL) 1,988 (-38) theaters, Friday 330 thousand dollars (-1%)/3 days 1.55 million dollars (-5%) / Total: $155.7 million/ week 12

8.) ass forever(nominal) 1,627 (354) theatersAnd the Friday 320 thousand dollars (-25%) / 3 days $1.1 million (-23%) / Total: $56.2 million/ week 6

9.) Scream (Nominal) 664 (-189) Friday Theaters 120 thousand dollars (-25%) / 3 days 430 million dollars (-25%) /Total: $80.9 million/ week 9

10.) cyrano (UAR) 694 (-103) Friday Theaters 118 thousand dollars (-38%)/3 days 410 thousand dollars (-40%) / total $2.57 million/ week 3