July 13, 2024


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The beginning of Traffy Fondue in English or nearly so

The beginning of Traffy Fondue in English or nearly so

PHUKET: The Traffy Fondue app has an English language version for foreigners to complain about, Phuket Governor Narong Voonsiu has announced.

The news was announced yesterday, at an event described in reports as the launch of the English-language version of the app, which was created last year and allows citizens to report problems or incidents to local authorities.

Phuket Governor Narong Voonsiu released the “Trophy Phonyu” in English, saying the aim of providing English to people who want to complain is to “enhance the region’s status as a premier tourist destination by promoting road safety awareness”.

The announcement also highlights the integration of Trophy Fondue into educational institutions for sustainable road safety initiatives. How? Explanations are still awaited.

However, The Phuket News today confirms the trophy fondue app developed by NECTEC. Google Play And thisApp StoreAvailable only in Thai language.

A Trophy Fondue support official also clarified that the app is currently only available in Thai language. An English version of the app is still under development, he says.

If the application is only in Thai language, and the site (Here) available only in Thai, Phuket News confirms that a page on the site offers a complaint form in English.

At the top right of the page is the Language tab. If the tab only provides “TH” with a picture of the Thai flag, you can click to switch to “ENG” for the English language with a picture of the Union Jack.

Since its inception on December 19, 2022, Trophy Fondue has received a total of 3,122 complaints nationwide, of which 1,887 have been “resolved,” or a “success rate” of 60.44%, according to officials.

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In terms of app complaints, Phuket ranks third in the country after Bangkok and Nakhon Ratchasima.

So far, 94% of the reports or 795 reports received through the application are traffic-related. 331 reported “cleanliness of public places” problems, 279 road problems and 257 “other problems”.

“The aim of this initiative is to improve road safety, complaint handling and the efficiency of public services, while strengthening Phuket’s position as a thriving tourist destination.” Officials said.

Original article: The Phuket News