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The best way to travel in 2023, language will survive

The best way to travel in 2023, language will survive

Take advantage of a language stay abroad to improve your English while discovering a country and making unforgettable encounters. You’ll return home with a certificate proving your status, and a real asset to add to your CV!

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Many people promise to learn a foreign language when the New Year comes. This good resolution has many advantages, which explains its popularity.

In fact, a good level of English can open many doors for you at a professional level. As well as adding a skill to your CV for growing companies, you can start an international career from France or abroad. So your professional opportunities will increase tenfold and you will have a better chance of finding the job of your dreams once you finish your studies.

If your goal for 2023 is to learn English or improve your current level, I have only one piece of advice to give you: travel to an English-speaking country!

Travel while learning thanks to Language Tours

A great solution to improve your time and money is to go to an English school abroad and follow a language course. In fact, The language is foreign Make it possible to combine business with pleasure: together with your new classmates, you will improve your English level while discovering the destination you love.

Taking English lessons will be easier for you when you arrive in a new country: in a few days you will gain confidence, which will allow you not to be afraid to speak and practice your language skills directly with the locals. You’ll return home with better English, but with a more open mind and less fear of the unknown. You will soon realize that a language stay abroad brings many such personal and relational skills. These skills, often called “soft skills” in English, are among the most sought-after qualities in the job market today.

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A language stay abroad will allow you to obtain a certificate proving your new English. At Kaplan International Languages, tests are carried out to monitor your progress when you arrive, during your stay and just before departure.

Choose the accommodation that suits you

The most important step in preparing for your language stay abroad is choosing the program you are going to follow. Think about the time you want to spend abroad, the intensity of the courses you want to take, and the certification you want to get at the end of your program. Share these criteria with a Kaplan consultant, who can tailor a course to suit your needs and preferences.

There are Many types of General English or Business English courses, suitable for all levels (beginner to advanced). You can take standard, semi-intensive or intensive courses, for example preparation for exams like TOEIC or professional English courses. The length of your language stay can vary from one to 52 weeks: a short stay will allow you to practice your language skills in an immersive environment, while a longer stay or a gap year will allow you to live and thrive as a local. On a large scale.

Find Kaplan targets

With Kaplan International Languages, one of the market leaders in language travel, learning English can be done anywhere in the world! Whether you prefer big, dynamic metropolises or small, quiet seaside towns, hot or cold climates, Europe or America… you’ll find a place to suit your taste. Kaplan language schools can be found in many cities in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland. You also have the option of learning German in Germany or Switzerland.

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So, will you be getting lost in the beautiful streets of Edinburgh, hiking in the mountains around Vancouver, or hanging out with your new friends in Los Angeles after class? Start preparing for your 2023 Download a free Kaplan brochure Here, find all the destinations and programs offered.

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