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The British believe in victory



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In the Euro 2021 football final, who will win either England or Italy on Sunday 11 July? The English could not have imagined any other conclusion than thisYor Success, at home, in Wembley, London. However, Marco Verretti’s team has all the qualities to shatter the English dream.

Just hours before the Euro final against Italy, English fans won their force show. Around Wembley Stadium in London, it was an exciting afternoon with 65,000 supporters in attendance. It has been 55 years since the English won a big match, so any interest is tolerated. The delta-type shadow of the Covit-19 is falling, but no one wants to go home.

From Homes to 10 Downing Street, the entire country is in the colors of the national team. The Queen of England recalled in a press release that the 1966 World Cup was handed over to the national team. In Rome, Italy, we enjoyed the confidence shown by the British. “Definitely going to be the best match between the two teams that scored the best runs”, Agrees an Italian. Rome’s two fan zones are ready to fill supporters.

British officials are concerned about the spread of the delta variant. “We need to monitor the health effects of this evening”Says journalist Mathieu Poicho, who lives in the United Kingdom. 65,000 supporters will gather in Wembley to watch the final of the tournament.

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