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The British came to France to shop

The British came to France to shop

If the phenomenon was common in the 1980s and 1990s, it ran out of steam in the first decade of the second millennium. Prices displayed in supermarkets across the Channel will encourage the return of this tradition.

Is France the El Dorado of shopping? While Belgian shoppers take advantage of more attractive prices at supermarkets in France all year round, some Brits may be tempted to follow suit as the Christmas holidays approach.

“The tradition of going back and forth to France during the day for the sole purpose of buying copious amounts of alcohol at low prices – ‘puss cruises’ [littéralement ‘croisière de la picole’] – reigned supreme in England in the 1980s and 1990s,” explains Telegraph journalist Tracey Davies, who grew up in a coastal town in the south of England.

Restores tradition

The “Bus Cruise” then switched to the euro in the early 2000s and ran out of steam with falling wine prices in the United Kingdom. Noticing a sharp increase in prices in British supermarkets, the reporter decided to revive the tradition of his childhood. British daily.

The journalist went to Calais. She explains “Stalls decorated with garlands and overflowing with Lindt chocolate, [les] Refrigerated shelves filled with foie gras, truffles, brightly colored pastries and aromatic cheeses.

Savings from 46 to 138 euros

Despite the cost of crossing, the operation turned out to be profitable. The journalist estimates he saved between 40 and 50 pounds or 46 to 58 euros. An experiment done a few days ago by one of his colleagues, Toby Walne. In his essayThe journalist focused on the difference in the price of alcohol.

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For a bottle of Chancer, calculate the average difference of 6.5 euros between the price shown in Calais and the price in British supermarkets (11 euros compared to 17.5 euros). Pouilly-Fumé is the same story with a difference of 5 euros (9 euros vs. 14 euros). In the end, Toby Waln says he saved £138 (€160) on alcohol.

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