June 18, 2024


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The British Foundation wants to change the rules to reduce concussions

Every year, rugby spends some time, in particular, trying to combat concussions by establishing a protocol. Some languages ​​are relaxed as a result of these popular long-term concussions. The same is the case with former world champion hooker Steve ThompsonEngland He suffered from dementia and admitted he no longer remembers winning the finalAustralia. During the study carried out today BBC, British experts study the effects of these concussions 75 years later.

Steve Thompson, who suffered from premature dementia, did not remember being world championLauren Bulling, chief executive of The Drake Foundation, said: “We are concerned about the risks to the brain and may be largely responsible for giving up playing rugby.We are concerned about the risks to brain health as parents and amateur athletes. Without emergency action, we can see players exiting at all levelsThe results of this study, called BRAIN, are mainly about players who played rugby before entering the profession, i.e. before 1995. For people over 75, there is a link between head trauma and disease risks such as Alzheimer’s disease. On the other hand, no contact was established with 50-year-olds. The Foundation, which has been fighting concussions and their impact on sports since 2014, wants to minimize the changes that occur during meetings. Ambition? Reduces the severity of impacts during competition. Because James Drake, president and founder of the foundation, is particularly concerned about the fact that players are stronger than ever: ”The rules need to be changed to reflect the way the game was played before 1995, and I think we will be in a much better place. I am very worried that if the current trend continues it will do a lot more damage. We do not currently have data comparable to modern rugby, so we do not have a complete picture. But in modern rugby we know that players are generally bigger, stronger and faster so there is more power in the brain during head impacts.

Comment.  The new poll is cooling the future of rugby and the health of playersCOMMOTION. The new poll is cooling the future of rugby and the health of players

So the foundation cares about future generations and wants change. For its part, World Rugby responded to the BBC: ”A global family with a deep interest in the game of rugby. World Rugby welcomes the continuous research and perspectives that inform and support the positive momentum created by our recently introduced six-point strategy to ensure rugby as the most progressive sport in the well-being of players. Regarding the results of the Drake Foundation survey: Of the 150 players, no cognitive function was found in those under 75 years of age. In contrast, more than 29% of people over the age of 75 who have suffered at least three rugby-related concussions in their lifetime have reduced cognitive function, including memory loss. Professor Neil Pierce concludes: ”Evidence of the long-term health risks of former contact sports athletes is growing. This study increases this knowledge gap and shows that playing elite rugby affects the cognitive functioning of the elderly. ”

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