May 30, 2024


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The British were treated like murderers!  Guardiola was furious

The British were treated like murderers! Guardiola was furious

Three days after a brutal exit against Real Madrid, Manchester City found the evidence to beat Chelsea in the semi-finals of the Cup. Pep Guardiola's track record is unfair scheduling of matches.

The Manchester City machine restarted on Saturday afternoon. The Citizens qualified for the FA Cup final after beating Chelsea 1-0 at Wembley. Premier League and Cup: Enough to give them a chance to retain two of their three titles from last season. Saturday's win was all the more significant as Manchester City were knocked out of the Champions League by Real Madrid. A setback followed after 120 minutes of play and a brutal penalty shootout. It was Wednesday evening three days ago.

Man City should have played in the cup on Sunday

A feat given the physical and mental energy left on the road against Real Madrid. Add to this cocktail all the frustration felt after Wednesday's disqualifying elimination. After Saturday's match against Chelsea, Pep Guardiola did not hold the BBC microphone. He was proud of the heroic performance of his weary soldiers, but also resentful of the British officers. Why should Manchester City play on Saturday when the second cup semi-final (Manchester United-Coventry) is on Sunday?

We cannot accept what we were made to play today. For the health of the players, it is impossible. This is extraordinary. On Wednesday night, we played 120 minutes against Madrid in the Champions League, with emotions fueled, and the way we lost. Mentally, recovery is very difficult. Watch Rodri play today or Walker play back from injury. I don't even understand how they did it. I know the Cup is a special competition here, but you have to think about the players. I don't know how we escaped unscathed. Why don't we play on Sunday? Manchester United and Coventry did not play in midweek. We love to play football, we love this game, but this is nonsense “, he blurted. Considering the English defeat in the European Cup this week (4 out of 5 clubs were relegated), it's hard not to recognize Pep Guardiola's words.

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