April 21, 2024


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The Catalan Dragoons were to make their English opponents pay for the trip

The Catalan Dragoons were to make their English opponents pay for the trip

The announcement by Rugby League's commercial director Rhodri Jones should not make Bernard Quache and the Catalan Dragons happy. During a video broadcast by League Express, the England boss clearly declared: “Next season, the travel conditions for all clubs to play for the Catalans will change, especially with regard to who pays! Dragons will pay from now on.”

His declaration was clear and unconditional and the move was, according to him, “More honesty“No question according to Rhodri Jones”Extreme measures and redistributions for Dragons (TV rights) may be cut but we don't know, it may happen later.“But it's still necessary Start with the first result : “France has a certain amount of money from British soil. We all know what that means. But what do we get in return? All the profits to France! This is a question that we must address to ensure that the participation of French clubs in the Super League is reasonably possible..”

“Toulouse does it, why not the Dragons?”

RL's commercial director explains that he has yet to discuss the matter with the Dragons and suspects they won't appreciate it, but for him, the Catalan club should make the offer and pay for the tickets. His Enemies: “Toulouse has already done it in the Championship but also in the Super League two years ago. So, really we're asking the Dragons to match what Toulouse are doing.”

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The Catalan Dragons don't want to react at the moment, but will certainly counterattack. The move is a reminder of the decision to charge fees in 2019 550,000 euros deposit in Catalan club To compete in the cup (after winning the tournament) if they reach the final again, to make up for the loss of scattered stadiums. Finally an agreement was reached. Can Bernard Quash thwart this new move from Trafalgar?

Video of the interview (part about dragons at the end of the show)

League Express Podcast #29 Part 1: RL Commercial Managing Director Rhodri Jones joins the show