July 23, 2024


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The Ed and the Fighting Pass release date for Street Fighter 6 has been announced in a new trailer

The Ed and the Fighting Pass release date for Street Fighter 6 has been announced in a new trailer

As we predicted last night, Street Fighter 6 is about to get ready to launch its next downloadable character in Ed.

Tonight, Capcom announced the new Ed Arrives Fighting Pass for SF6 with a new trailer showcasing items coming to the game as well as an apparent change to the Battle Hub – as well as the fighter's actual release date.

We didn't get to see any gameplay for Ed in the trailer, but they do show off a ton of new avatar gear in the pass with one that combines his white Street Fighter 5 hoodie with a jacket similar to his school uniform as well as his boxing gear being designed similarly to his old default design. .

Furthermore, Captain Commando will be the arcade game offered in the premium bonuses along with SF5 themes for Ed, Falke, and Balrog, a photo frame, wallpaper, titles, emojis, and stickers.

The new Fighting Pass is scheduled to release on February 1st, and it looks like the update will also change the look of the Battle Hub a bit for the following month as well.

The large SF6 lobby is getting a dark theme in the lead-up to Capcom Cup

Although not mentioned in the video itself, Capcom has also confirmed that Ed will be released on February 27th right after Capcom Cup.

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Obviously they haven't confirmed anything, but this also makes it very likely that Ed will be playable in the Capcom Cup event early for attendees and participants.

Capcom already showed off the introduction to Ed's World Tour in its teaser trailer earlier this month, so we'll likely see videos of the actual gameplay and character guide in the coming weeks leading up to the finals – unless they want to save it all for the Capcom Cup. Itself.

The big question remains what Ed's gameplay will be like in SF6, however, since his control scheme in SF5 is very similar to what became modern controls in the new game, so you might think he'd have more traditional moves this time around – but we'll have to Continue to wait and see.

The Capcom Cup tournament is scheduled to take place from February 16-25, and you can check out the new trailer below.