May 30, 2024


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The franchise reveals a new historical look

The franchise reveals a new historical look

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Since they first took over an NFL stadium in 2002, the Houston Texans have looked pretty much the same.

No more — and not just because quarterback CJ Stroud and a loaded roster could be headed to new heights.

On Tuesday, the league's youngest team launched a new brand that took advantage of a new rule that allows clubs to use up to three different helmets — which is what the Texans will do. They have also added color to their color palette and an alternate uniform intended to pay homage to Houston's culture. The findings come after the franchise collected information from more than 10,000 surveys and 30 focus groups for an effort they claim will be “the most comprehensive and transparent uniform redesign in NFL history.”

It appears the Texans may have fulfilled that pledge.

“(We're) very proud to unveil our new uniforms. It's even more special because it's inspired by and for our fans,” Cal McNair, the club's president and CEO, said in a statement.

“Our fans asked us to be more than H-Town and we delivered. They have been with us every step of the way, and there is truly something for everyone about the four-man uniform.

The home and away jerseys have not changed radically, with notable modifications being made including the jersey line and shoulder stripe, which resembles a bull's horn on the 'Liberty White' routes.

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But the Texans have embraced change and creativity in their alternate uniforms and Color Rush. They will again occasionally use a “Battle Red” helmet but it will have “candy-coated red foil, a chrome red metallic face mask and apply a new bull-inspired helmet logo and Texas bull head logo on the back” for each team. The Color Rush option is an ode to the city, with “H-Town Blue” notes and a new stylized H logo next to a star in a new nod to the Texas state flag (much like the team's original badge). And yes, “H-Town Blue” certainly seems to be a nod to the “Columbia Blue” of the Houston Oilers' predecessors, although those rebounding rights remain the property of the division rival Tennessee Titans…much to the dismay of many Houstonians.

The Texans also became the first NFL team to “introduce a new logo on an alternate helmet and a two-logo system across all helmets.” Before Tuesday, Houston was the only team in the league that had never changed its primary logo or included an alternate logo.

The defending AFC South champions will look good in 2024. Will they look good enough to reach their first AFC Championship game? Or maybe better?

Obviously, H-Town will be watching with pride.


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