May 30, 2024


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The Greek-English Church is being restored!

The Greek-English Church is being restored!

After a 6-year career, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan gets a makeover with an aesthetic overhaul. The stakes are high as the SUV has represented the bulk of the brand’s sales since it hit the market.

When Rolls-Royce presented its Cullinan in 2018, opinions were very divided. Some seriously doubted its success, while others firmly believed in it. Since this large SUV currently represents the majority of the brand’s sales, we’ll let you guess who’s right. From Bentley’s Benteca to Ferrari’s Prosangue via Lamborghini’s Urus, all SUVs launched by luxury brands have followed the same path, so nothing really new has been said.

But regardless of its success, the restoration stage is delicate to approach. It is important to build the product, but not to spoil it to avoid a drop in sales. In other words, keep what customers want and introduce new things. This is what Rolls-Royce has done now, based on the Cullinan design, which has been steadily evolving.

If you can see your Rolls-Royce Cullinan from your dining room, you have a beautiful home

Grill classified as a World Heritage Site

Visually there is no doubt that it is indeed a Cullinan. At the end we see the endless hood with the Spirit of Ecstasy overlooking the immense chrome grill in the style of a Greek temple. The optics have been refined and incorporate a new light signature, while the shield has been redesigned. These changes help to refine the general lines. The list of options is enriched with new edges. At the rear, we notice new square exhaust outlets.

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Unsurprisingly, the cabin offers luxury and comfort. The dashboard evolves only steadily. The center screen is still cleverly integrated in the middle. There are physical controls dedicated to air conditioning. The clock returns to its place on the left side of the dashboard just above an interesting new feature. A statue of the Spirit of Ecstasy is installed under the small dial! The driving position now includes digital instruments.

Rolls-Royce Cullinan: The Greco-Anglo Temple is being restored!

The colors aren’t very happy but, luckily, you’re in a Rolls-Royce! The interior begs to be customized

For others, it’s classic Rolls-Royce. Rear seats allow you to travel more comfortably than a private jet, while retractable seats allow you to sip a glass of champagne in the back, at trunk level. Under the hood, we find a 6.75 V12, although the brand hasn’t shared details about it. We imagine the power is more or less the same as the previous version. Prices are currently unknown.