March 2, 2024


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The groom promises to “smack that s—” during the wedding vows, shocking the audience

The groom promises to “smack that s—” during the wedding vows, shocking the audience

A Kentucky couple has gone viral after their wedding received a lot of attention online.

Kaitlyn Brooks and Cody Sheehan’s September wedding in Kentucky went viral after videographer Samuel Furey shared the footage for CK Entertainment Services. A clip shared by the seller Through social media One of Cody’s unforgettable promises.

After the heartfelt promises from his bride, Cody looked at his maid, then at his future wife, as he said, “I promise to hit her—every chance I get.”


There was some laughter from the audience when the official asked him to move on, saying: “That’s all I’ve got.”

The room is silent and then the official asks: “Is this him?”

“Yes,” Cody says with a laugh as the official once again urges him to add more to the moment. “Come on Cody, are you sure?”

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“I didn’t write anything,” Cody confirms.

The officer says, still in shock, “Is this what you’re going to get out of here?”

“That’s what I’ll do,” the groom confirms.

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The moment sparked the interest of commentators as they imagined how they would react if they found themselves in the same situation. While some couples appreciate the humor in everything, a number of brides said they would be upset if the groom didn’t follow up on the funny moment or precede it with something more emotional.

“I’m pretty sure she planned the entire wedding from the tablecloths to his damn suit and he couldn’t say a few words to express his love for her 😭😭,” one commenter wrote.

Another added: “The problem was that it wasn’t really a joke, the problem is that my brother didn’t have any serious promises.”

A third wrote: “She looks so frustrated and embarrassed,” although some commenters pointed out that the bride could have been sympathetic to her now-husband’s sense of humor.

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