May 22, 2024


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The Minnesota store worker gave her retro Jordan and the man without shoes

The Minnesota store worker gave her retro Jordan and the man without shoes

  • A Minnesota store worker gave a man her shoes after he noticed he didn’t have any.
  • The women’s manager told a local news station that he wished there were “a dozen” on her staff.
  • The woman passing by Ice said she “spontaneously” took off her shoes when she saw the needy man.

A store worker in Minnesota gave Jordan a man after she noticed he had boxes on his feet, WCCO, A CBS affiliate, reported Friday.

Ta Leia Thomas, who goes by “Ace” works at a liquor store in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis. said Brooklyn Center liquor director Tom Agnes WCCO He saw Ice working his socks off when he came back from his lunch break on Tuesday.

Security camera footage showed a man digging through a trash can outside the store for boxes he could hang on his feet instead of shoes, according to the WCCO. Thomas saw the man and stopped him, offering him her specials, her favorite pair of Air Jordans.

Thomas told WCCO she “automatically took my shoes off” when she saw the man. “He said no one would give me shoes like that, and I said, ‘Well, not all of them,'” Thomas told WCCO.

Thomas said she was “always taught to help other people” because “you never know what their problem is, or what they’re going through.”

Agnes Thomas bought a new pair of shoes to finish off the work day and shared Thomas’ act of kindness in a Facebook post that has since received nearly a thousand likes. comments.

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“This wasn’t just any plain old pair of shoes. Being a fan of the Minnesota Vikings, Ice wore her favorite pair of purple Nike Air Jordans which she gave to the guy without any hesitation,” Agnes wrote in the post. “This is a true example of empathy, compassion, and holiday cheer.”

Agnes tells the WCCO that he has raised $450 to buy a new pair of shoes for Thomas as a replacement, but later discovers that Thomas is taking care of her mother, who needs a new bed. Agnes said he gave Thomas the money instead so that she could use it to buy a bed.

“I wish I had a dozen Aces on staff,” Agnes told WCCO.