May 26, 2024


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The new hyper-realistic FPS game sells 400,000 copies in just two days

The new hyper-realistic FPS game sells 400,000 copies in just two days

Controversy surrounding Escape from Tarkov Unheard Edition seems to have opened the door to a new realistic FPS game. Although it faced poor reviews initially, due to supposed performance issues, this new competitor to EFT, The Division, and Arma is already starting to turn things around – user ratings have started to rise, and even though it has been available through Steam Early Access for at In just two days, more than 400,000 copies have already been sold. If you want a change from Tarkov, this might be just for you.

Gray Zone Warfare is a slower-paced, tactics-based FPS that mixes PvP and PvE in one large map. 48 players and 100 AI enemies compete to find resources, weapons, and information and extract them safely to their own bases. The weapons are meticulously designed and are extremely deadly. The health system is particularly “realistic” – depending on where you are injured, you need to apply different heals and cures, and your in-game performance will be appropriately affected. For example, a bullet in your leg will slow your movement, while a bullet in your arm may affect your aim.

At launch, Gray Zone Warfare attracted tens of thousands of players, but it also attracted some less enthusiastic reviews, as crashes, lag, and other performance issues affected the new multiplayer shooter. However, two days into the Early Access release, the gray area appears to be rising. As of Monday, April 30, only 38% of Steam user reviews were positive, resulting in the shooter being rated “mostly negative.” Now, that number has risen to 63%, and Steam's overall rating for Gray Zone Warfare is “mixed.”

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Developer Madfinger confirms that within the first two days, Gray Zone Warfare also sold 400,000 copies. It currently sits at number two on the global sales chart, behind Valve's giant Counter-Strike 2, and has just reached a new peak of 66,944 concurrent players. Battlestate Games has apologized following recent criticism of Escape From Tarkov, but if you're looking for an alternative – or perhaps the first military simulation-style FPS – Gray Zone could be the answer.

Gray Zone Warfare Steam FPS Game: Number of players and Steam reviews for FPS Gray Zone Warfare

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