February 23, 2024


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The new Xbox update includes game broadcasts to Discord friends and VRR improvements

The new Xbox update includes game broadcasts to Discord friends and VRR improvements

Microsoft introduces a New Xbox Dashboard for September which includes the ability to broadcast your Xbox gameplay to Discord friends and variable refresh rate (VRR) improvements for Xbox Series S/X consoles. The Dashboard update also includes a new Xbox Voice Reports feature and a new way to pair accessories with Xbox consoles.

The updated Discord functionality means you can now broadcast your gameplay to anyone on Discord. It’s integrated into the Parties & Chats section of the Dashboard, and a new ‘Broadcast Your Game’ option now appears once you’re connected to a Discord server. You can customize the quality of your stream, and the feature will arrive just in time for its release tomorrow starfield.

VRR is also being improved on Xbox Series S/X consoles. You can now choose to enable VRR only when gaming or keep the feature always enabled. This is useful if you are using the Xbox Series S/X for entertainment applications that may not always play well with VRR.

Microsoft has also started rolling out a new audio reporting feature for Xbox that the company unveiled in July. Xbox players in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand will now be able to send 60-second audio clips of inappropriate voice chat messages, which will then be reviewed by the Xbox Security team.

If you’ve always wanted to add a new controller or accessory without having to leave your couch, there’s also a new way to pair accessories without having to hit the Xbox Pair button. Your Xbox will now start pairing automatically once you go to the Xbox Accessories app and use the new Connect My Device option.

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Finally, the last big addition to the Xbox Dashboard this month is the ability to request an invite to play from a friend. A new ‘Request to join game’ option is now available on profiles, and friends will be able to reply with a game invite, group invite, or message.