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The Pod Generation – Presentation of English Language Cinema Week

The Pod Generation – Presentation of English Language Cinema Week

Presentation of English Language Cinema Week
Wednesday, November 29, 2023 at 5:45 PM.

The evening was organized in cooperation Talking cinema As part of English Language Cinema Week

Bot generation

by Sophie Barthes

With Emilia Clarke, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rosalie Craig
USA – 2023 – 1h50 – VOST

In a future where artificial intelligence takes precedence over nature, New York couple Rachel and Alvy decide to have a baby. A tech giant is offering parents-to-be the chance to carry a baby on POD, extolling the merits of simpler and more equitable maternity. Alvy is skeptical, but Rachel, a budding entrepreneur, encourages him to embrace the experience…


“The Bot Generation isn't a science fiction film: it's a foreboding film,” says Emilia Clarke. Discovered at the Douville Festival, this ironic and delightful story by Sophie Barthes stars the Game of Thrones star in the role of a young woman who decides to experience her pregnancy with a “bot.” These large white eggs, the artificial wombs that the baby holds, can be carried by either the mother or the father (the wonderful Chiwetel Ejiofor). An even solution, perfect for this busy businessman.
“You shouldn't be afraid of technology,” says Emilia Clarke. Not what causes it, but what we humans do with it! The very technology that is supposed to help us allows us to dominate it becomes dangerous. » Bot Generation proves this ridiculously well with very funny scenes between different couples and their eggs.
“Comedy is a great vector for reflection,” asserts Emilia Clarke, and we had a lot of fun with “Kai” even though the film evokes troubling matters beyond motherhood. » Emilia Clarke speaks of “pods” because she has no right to mention other harmful inventions. Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest concerns rocking Hollywood and its actors.
The actress was exempted from appearing in this independent film on the condition of not talking about any other matter. But she's a smart flyer, Emilia. Naturally, we suspect that he is attacking AI when he declares that “technology should not take our place by destroying our right to create” and that “awareness is necessary in this area because things evolve very quickly without any control.” This puts his career in jeopardy.
Pod Generation's message underscores this message with a delightful sense of satire. Enter, timely, moving and non-aggressive feminism, this inspiring film humorously proves that humans are not ready to be consumed by the monster of their own making.
Caroline Vie (20 minutes)

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