December 4, 2023


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The upcoming LEGO Piranha Factory will launch just in time for Super Mario Bros.  Wonder

The upcoming LEGO Piranha Factory will launch just in time for Super Mario Bros. Wonder

published: 2023-10-16T09:52:13

Updated: 2023-10-16T09:52:24

The LEGO Piranha Factory will launch on November 6 in territories such as the US and UK, shortly after the launch of Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

There have been a wide range of the best LEGO toy sets released over the past few years, with Nintendo’s collaboration with the Danish builder being a huge success for both brands. Now, there’s a new addition coming in just weeks, as one of Mario’s most terrifying enemies is lovingly recreated brick by brick.

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Next Super Mario Piranha Plant It includes 540 pieces and targets adult fans with a rating of 18+. There’s an excellent level of detail here: the green warp tube, attaching jaws, and green leaves look perfect for the antagonist’s modern look. It is also fairly large, measuring 9 inches long. As you’d hope, the Piranha Plant features in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, but it features some new tricks that match the evolving nature of the game on Nintendo Switch.

While the bulk of Lego Super Mario sets It’s geared towards younger fans with playsets, which is not the case with LEGO Piranha Plant. As mentioned earlier, it carries an 18+ rating due to its complex construction and small parts compared to the more massive aesthetics of the playsets, and she’s not the first to do so. That’s because there is too Sturdy wagon seta massive recreation of King Koopa himself from the era of 3D Mario titles, along with Super mario 64 question mark blockand even LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System.

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The Piranha Plant is arguably one of the most iconic creatures in Bowser’s army, having appeared in Worlds 1-2 in the first Super Mario Bros. game. in 1985. Since then, the fixed hero has been a staple of all classic and modern 2D titles, as well as the 3D era as well. He’s been a racer in the Mario Kart series, not to mention a playable DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is fair to say that this plant has earned its reputation. Time will tell if this set will be considered one of the best LEGO sets available.

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