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The Voice winner Huntley shares appreciation for coach Niall Horan (Exclusive)

The Voice winner Huntley shares appreciation for coach Niall Horan (Exclusive)

Posted: 9:41 PM PT, December 19, 2023

the sound He was crowned with it Season 24 championAnd Huntley Couldn’t be happier!

“Honestly, I was very surprised,” the rock singer and father of two told ET’s Deidre Behar after his big win. “Ruby [Leigh] She’s very talented and I think she’s a force to be reckoned with, so the fact that we were standing there, it was just right… She’s very talented and when my name was called, I couldn’t really believe it.”

The 33-year-old Virginia native was the last man standing Votes Top 5 for his season, and was excited about the support he received throughout the season from his coach, Niall Horan — who became a back-to-back winner Tuesday in only his second season as a singing competition coach.

“Whenever I feel like I’m too busy or complain about the process, I think back on it and say, ‘This guy literally travels the world and still emails me.’ “It’s great – I respect him so much.”

As for his plans after the show, Huntley said he’s looking forward to some rest over the holidays before continuing his rise to musical stardom.

“I think my main interest is to step back and breathe and really take it all in,” he said. “This experiment has taken half a year. I’ve spent six months away from my kids – my son speaks in full sentences now. It’s crazy.”

“But it was all worthwhile,” Huntley continued. “I just want my career. I’m so hungry for this… John [Legend] He said he could see me singing in arenas around the world and that’s something I’m very hungry for. You all won’t get rid of me!”

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As for his coach, Niall said that he is happy to do everything in his power to strengthen the wonderful relationships with his team members and support their musical dreams.

“When I took this job, I told myself that no matter how busy I was at my day job, I would commit 100 percent,” he said. “I’ve been on a show like this, and I know what it’s like to have a strong mentor… Maybe that’s the secret mix, I don’t know.”

In the new year, the former One Direction singer is looking to kick off his world tour in support of his 2023 album, the offer, He told fans he’s excited for them to see what he has in store.

“I will be playing in huge arenas and amphitheaters all over the world, yet I am trying to give the biggest show and the show I always wanted to give,” he noted. “I’m excited now to take a break for a few weeks, get home, enjoy Christmas, and get back to work. Here we go again – I can’t wait!”

the sound Returns for Season 25 in February 2024.

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