May 20, 2024


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The ESA captured an image of the Phantom Galaxy that combines captures from both the James Webb and Hubble Space Telescopes.

The Webb and Hubble telescopes join forces to capture a multispectral image of the Phantom Galaxy

The JWST I’ve been fascinated since I started , but sometimes even the most advanced space telescope needs a little help from a friend. On Monday, ESA A new image of the Phantom Galaxy. Located about 32 million light-years from Earth, Messier 74 has been a favorite of astronomers since it was discovered by Pierre Michen in 1780.

What makes the above image of the Phantom Galaxy different from the one you may have seen in the past is that it’s a composite. It includes visible and ultraviolet wavelengths captured by the Hubble Space Telescope using infrared light seen by the James Webb Space Telescope. You can see separate photos taken below. Web shot of the M74 highlighting all the gases and dust at the outer edge of the “galaxy. The image also shows the nuclear star cluster at its center.

NASA / European Space Agency / Canadian Space Agency James Webb Space Telescope

More than a pretty picture, this new view of the ghost galaxy is a testament to just how much the Hubble Space Telescope has yet to give to the scientific community. The European Space Agency says that Hubble observations of M74 revealed star formations known as “Hill” regions within the galaxy. You have to admit, that’s pretty good for a telescope that was only expected to be operational for 15 years but has been going strong for 32 years. “By combining data from telescopes operating across the electromagnetic spectrum, scientists can gain more insight into astronomical objects than using a single observatory – even one with Webb’s power,” the European Space Agency said.

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