March 2, 2024


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These Google searches by French internet users translate the English to disreputable levels

These Google searches by French internet users translate the English to disreputable levels

Tens of thousands of Google searches are performed every day to verify the translation of a word or expression in the English language. Here are the most popular searches. The effect is amazing.

Let's talk about English speakers. to Reassure our readers… or maybe worry them ! Preply, an online language learning platform, is interested in our English. The English of the French… it spills a lot of ink, you know. Our English has a reputation for being perfect… under ideal conditions!

Searches for the most basic words

According to the 2023 EPI Barometer conducted by Education First, France is at 43e The immediate vicinity of Russia and Ukraine is a world location for the English language. A score calling France a zone “Moderately…talented.” Which is decent. Preply analyzed tens of thousands of Google searches made by French people looking for vocabulary, expressions or words in English… and the result is very empowering! Interested in the results dear reader?

This study reveals the most searched words and expressions by French Internet users on search engines… and allows us to say: the most searched words are often basic vocabulary words. And don't make sharp or bombastic words”as» We have mastered the language of Shakespeare.

Correct spelling is questionable

For example. Almost 15,000 monthly searches are made to find the French translation of HELLO. Then, we have”letters» In English, most preferred… more than 8000 monthly searches… different “days of the week» are highly preferred. More than 8000 searches. “Shirt in English“,”Madam in English“,”Thank you in English” or “Bon appetit in English» Here are the confusing words that French people are looking for a translation for…

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What can be learned from these results? The French certainly need to move on, and they don't trust the English. Spell it correctly. In this game, it seems “Thursday» (Jupiter) is more complicated to remember thanMonday” (Monday) !

Career failures due to English

A recent trend shows that the situation is serious: according to Education First Barometer, 60% of French people admit to having missed a professional opportunity due to poor English. The range of these missed opportunities is wide: be it a promotion, a contract, a move abroad, a management position… Get to work! So, we need to improve our English.