May 22, 2024


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This Kia’s cabin feature is a genius all automakers should steal

This Kia’s cabin feature is a genius all automakers should steal

However, Kia’s clever approach is to place its USB ports behind the side bolsters of the front seats themselves, a strategy that has two advantages. For a start, this means not digging too low down for the hitch—a feat that can be made more difficult if someone is sitting in the second row of the middle seat. Not having to snake a cable between their knees is a nice touch.

If there are no people in the back of the car, this means that the USB ports built into the seats are more easily accessible to those in the front. Don’t climb halfway back, or try to feel around for the USB port with your fingers. In the case of the Niro Hybrid, for example, that means those in the front seats have ready access to five USB ports complete with a mix of USB-A and USB-C on hand. That should be enough to keep most devices running.

While no one should buy a Kia solely for its considered outlet location, the automotive world has never been more competitive. It’s small, passenger-friendly details like this that make the car that much easier to live with. This is something to celebrate, especially if it helps avoid the “Are we that close yet?” questions on the way.

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