July 14, 2024


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This Luggable CRT makes sense

This Luggable CRT makes sense

There was a time when mobile computing didn’t mean a sleek laptop computer, but rather a suitcase-sized machine that was actually a slim desktop with a small CRT monitor built into the same box. They were cumbersome and unwieldy, but the computing compromises of using one of these at the time were less than in the case of using more portable machines. It’s a form factor that’s long gone, but that hasn’t stopped [Sdomi] revived with a A machine that contains a lot of modern computing power.

It’s a project that started with a screen, which is a small scale green screen mockup that previously graced a CNC machine. It’s a composite model, so it’s driven from a VGA to composite converter. Computing power comes from a thin client board that houses an updated AMD Ryzen processor and 32GB of memory, and the case is made of oriented particleboard.

The result is a chunky experience but certainly functional and usable on a portable electronic set, with the caveat that the composite screen won’t provide the resolution some of us may be used to. We have to admit we like it a bit, there’s nothing quite like the curved glass of a CRT.

It’s by no means the only updated device we’ve seen, though it often has an LCD screen.

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