April 22, 2024


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Three books to come back to English

Three books to come back to English

This Monday, September 4, approximately 12 million students return to school. Now is the time to make good decisions about reading, for example. What if we use this income to improve our English? Watching series or movies in the original version is already the first step in mastering the language, but reading undoubtedly allows you to consolidate your support. Here are three books to help you get ahead.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory -Roald Dahl

It is a monument of children’s literature. With two new adaptations of his works about to see the light of day, Wonka Warner Bros. and The amazing story of Henry Sugar Why not take advantage of the start of the school year to immerse yourself in the imagination of a British author on Netflix? The author is renowned for his accessible style, even for those who have not yet mastered all the nuances of Shakespeare’s language. You’ll have the chance to watch or re-watch two live-action films directed by Mel Stewart and Tim Burton.

As a reminder, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Follows a boy who wins a golden ticket to a chocolate bar. This precious sesame will allow him to visit the famous chocolate manufacturer Willy Wonka’s factory. If you want to start reading a work you’ve never encountered on the small or big screen, remember that its bibliography is huge.

Read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Gatsby is wonderful – F. Scott Fitzgerald

It is one of the classics of American literature, often cited by English teachers as they deepen their mastery of the English language. After all, he is second in the rankings “100 Best Novels from the Modern Library” Published in 1998. Published in 1925, it takes readers into the heart of the Roaring Twenties. Nick has just moved to Long Island, a very upscale residential area. His small shack is overshadowed by the large house of a local celebrity whom Nick is determined to meet. He soon receives an invitation to one of Gatsby’s famous parties.

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If you have a basic understanding of writing, you can approach the novel. We can advise you to refresh your memory by watching the Baz Luhrmann movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire and read without fear that some details may not escape you.

Read The Great Gatsby

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone -JK Rolling

Instead of starting the traditional Halloween marathon with all the pictures Harry Potter, we take advantage of the start of the school year to rediscover the adventures of the little wizard in their original language with the mirror. If you’ve already seen the original Warner Bros. movies, J.K. You shouldn’t be out of place with Rowling’s Flower Dictionary. If you have a translated version in French, you can also check the meaning of a word in it.

Read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Bonus: bilingual books

Bilingual works are the perfect solution to improve your English. Many publishers now offer editions published in both languages. One page is in the original version and the other in French. This allows you to quickly access words that may cause you trouble, while ensuring that you understand all the nuances of the story. Many iconic titles of English literature are presented in this way Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea Or Animal farm By George Orwell.