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Three days to learn English while cooking, near Pont-Audemer

Three days to learn English while cooking, near Pont-Audemer

At Toutainville, Nikki Dussartre cooks choux pastry swans with two students, Ambre and Ethan. ©Eg

“Yesterday we did one Western breakfast For lunch, it’s the first course because it puts you in the mood”, he says Niki DussartreA self-employed English teacher, and resident of Toutainville, nearby Bond-Audemars (Eure)) This summer, this training chef is offered Youth between 14 and 18 years of age (Even 13) Learn English while cooking. A small group of no more than three students meets for three days Create small dishes that only speak EnglishAnd do other things.

Blue cord

On the menu for the past few days: swans in choux pastry on chocolate lakes, chicken curry, a dish very popular in Great Britain, cherry chutney, lemon ice cream or pavlova… Everything is possible, except fish and chips. , oil spills are dangerous. The dishes are no less elaborate!

With kids, I don’t just want to make muffins, cookies, or brownies. I want them to leave with skills in cooking, in English…

Niki Dussartre

A few years ago, Nicky Dussartre started giving Individual lessons in his house. “Before, I had a cooking school in Formatot, a lodge where foreigners could learn French cooking and culture. Now I mix English and cooking! », this English girl explains, He graduated from the Garden Blue School in London.

I take recipes in English! It is written in “pints” and explains the differences between weight measurements, kilometers and miles.

Niki Dussartre

Courses throughout the year

During the year, Niki Dussartre teaches Adults From beginner to advanced, as well as children from 8 years old. “Often, I take them to school The teacher says that we start the study directly in the car. Then we do their homework if they have any grammar and recipes. »

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She also intervenes in companies: “It’s important to speak English for work! For example, he teaches pharmacists to understand foreign tourists.

“When we do you wrong, you don’t take it wrong! Commented Ethan, a 15-year-old English cookery course student with a vocational bachelor’s degree in cookery. “You’re with us every day. English isn’t like Google Translate, you know the right words,” notes 16-year-old Ambre, who has been taking lessons with Nikki for three years and “doesn’t want to miss the holidays”.

English kitchen
Spraying swans before their training. ©Eg

Relaxed environment

Both students are playing cards in English. Because “cooking” isn’t the only activity of the day: the small group takes some grammar lessons or walks the dog. Nicky Dussartre also arranged Treasure hunt ! “I try to put them at ease. They see that it’s okay to make mistakes! She still gives them the right words.

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In short, apart from cooking delicious food, these three days are an opportunity to learn or revise English while having fun!

English and Cooking Course for three days (Wednesday to Friday) during the summer holidays from 10 am to 3 pm, at Tuddenville. Price: 240 euros for three days (ie 80 € per day), meals included. Potential to drive youth. In September, regular lessons (beginner or confirmed, all ages) resume at 20 € per hour. By booking on 06 20 96 10 43 only.

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